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Happy Friday,

Just before Christmas sprung upon us, I continually went into a Liverpool Superdrug store after work and before my train home – just to have a nosy and kill a little bit of time before heading home. Makeup-Revolution are a very well loved brand by bloggers; they’re extremely affordable and some even say, they’re better than much higher priced brands. Well, that’s a winner in itself.

I’ve worked with the brand before but recently, I’ve noticed that a highlighter has always been out of stock and it is the one I really, really wanted to get my hands off. I’m a lover of blusher (now I don’t resemble a clown) and for that extra bit of glow, I convinced myself that if I’m going to try a highlighter, I needed to go with a brand who I trust.

Long story, short – I tried a different Superdrug and I managed to find the one I wanted. Now, onto the post..

IMG_9957 IMG_9958 IMG_9960

Peach lights is £3. Yup, that isn’t a typo. THREE WHOLE POUNDS. 

It is a very soft, subtle peach tone – I didn’t want to go for a pink tone (although, they do one in Pink Lights). With a light swirl of my angled blush brush, it’s just enough for my cheek bones. Each time the light catches my face, BOOM, I sparkle like a happier version of Bella Swan. 

I’m so in love with this product. 


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  1. I am becoming convinced that I need to try Make Up Revolution as soon as possible! I’ve never used a highlighter before but this looks like a lovely product and should give my poor pale winter skin the radiance it needs.

    Emma |


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