Lovely Things // Week 3

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Hello from my new laptop!

If you read my post about my little blog office, you’ll know that my old laptop completely died, something to do with the screen. So, on Wednesday evening I met my Dad at Tesco and for £179.99, I bought a new one. I had £160 from Christmas/Birthday so I was basically sorted. That was quite possibly the highlight of my week – it’s an Acer Aspire E14 in case anyone is interested. I’ll do a little review soon.

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Everybody knows how much I love to read. It’s been “my thing” since before I could actually read the words on a page. Last Sunday, I finished my #boutofbooks readathon and seeing as I didn’t do brilliantly, I decided to step away from the Internet multiple times this week and just read. It’s been refreshingly good.

I also received a particularly exciting proof copy through the post on Monday morning; Summer Nights At The Moonlight Hotel by Jane Costello which I can not wait to read.

Blog Chats

I made a silent 2016 blog resolution which I didn’t tell anybody about, until now, but I really want to get more involved in the daily blog chats and just talk to more bloggers about pretty much everything and anything. Sunday nights are definitely my favourite chats with the #fitbunnieschat followed by #lbloggers – you just can’t beat it.

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Working Out
I started working out on Monday 4th January and here I am, almost two weeks later, still going strong. Some people may read this and roll their eyes but that is a serious achievement for me. On Monday, I had a fit of sneezes and oh my life – it flipping well hurt. I’ve been using the Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Belly Blitz and I just love it. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing. I find that straight after my workout, I’m drinking near enough 600ml of water which for me, is really good.

Pretty Little Liars – “Of Late I Think Of Rosewood.”

It is back with a bang. Wow. What a first episode of the second half of S6. It was incredible – we learnt about where the girls had been, who they’re dating and of course, the drama was turned up a notch with the death of a very important character. I think every week on Lovely Things, I’ll try to include what I thought of the latest episode, there will be no spoilers though! I just love it. I did, however, have to watch it on my iPhone through a link due to no laptop at the time or Netflix but it’s ok, I have my fix of PLL back. I’m so excited for next week.

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The Weather

This is a bit of an odd one but stay with me.. I love the view from my bedroom (picture above) – it’s absolutely beautiful in the sunshine and just through the trees, I can see a windmill. Oh it’s gorgeous. I really just wanted an excuse to share this picture with you from my Instagram to be honest. Ha! Is it going to snow? Who knows.

So, these weekly posts are supposed to look on the positive things which have happened in the past week but I can not write this post without mentioning a person who I watched and read about from a very early age. On Thursday morning, the news broke about Alan Rickman’s passing. He was 69 and secretly battling cancer. I found out the news via a text from my Dad and that is when the tears just poured out. He was Professor Snape to me, he was part of the biggest franchise in the world, one which to this day, I still adore. He was a man of such beautiful talent and he is going to be so deeply missed. There is only one word left to say: ‘obviously.’

I hope you have had a lovely week. Let me know your highlight in the comments.

EL xx


6 thoughts on “Lovely Things // Week 3

  1. I haven’t started watching PLL because I’m worried I’ll get addicted to it like everyone else haha! I’m loving the FitBunniesChat too, it was lovely to “meet” you on there! 🙂 I’ve been doing much better this week so far with my working out so fingers crossed that will continue!

    P.S., I’m super jealous of how amazing your hair looks!

    Sian xx http://www.cakeydreamer.co.uk


    1. You should most definitely watch the show – it’s the only good addiction you could possibly have. So glad you like the post and thank you about my hair, that’s really sweet xx


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