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A Quick, Healthy & Very Easy Salad


A new year means a lot of people kick start a detox along with a healthy eating and fitness plan and guess what? I’m one of them. I’ve added a page all about Health & Fitness purely for new content for you all and plus, it’s there to continually keep me motivated.

ASDA do my favourite salad of all time – the chicken and bacon pasta one. It does actually serve two people which… Just LOL. I’m one little person but that fills me and it’s perfect if I’m running round like a loon at work. Seeing as I eat so much of it already, I wanted to make my own plus, the healthy eating and all that…




You can add pasta/bacon/sweet potato fries/jacket potato/ham to the salad like I have done on several occasions. It isn’t rocket science – it’s quick, simple, healthy and very easy to make and if you’ve got no vegetables in, it’s perfect. 

Let me know if you make it.

EL xx


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