Lovely Things // Week 4

Happy Sunday!

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Just as last week’s Lovely Things went live, I woke up to the sight of everything (almost) white out of my window. We knew it would snow at some point, we just didn’t know when it would happen. It was absolutely freezing! It was Merf’s first time witnessing snow and well, his reaction wasn’t anything spectacular. It didn’t seem to faze him. This was a lovely start to the beginning of a new week.

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Sunday Mornings In Bed

I’ve been working out every single morning for the past three weeks and I absolutely love it but one day of the week, I would like a little bit of a lie-in. I’ve been alternating between Saturdays and Sundays, depending on my plans for the day. I love making a cup of tea, scrubbing my face clean and reading a chapter or two of the latest book for an hour or so. I then of course, have to face the outside world and get on with my day. This snap was actually of last Sunday and two minutes after I took the picture, I finished the book so that was my bliss over with.
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Little Miss Chatterbox
This was a present from one of my best friends at Christmas and it is basically me in a nutshell. Is she secretly trying to tell me to shut up? Ha! Not going to lie, I did rearrange the bathroom for this shot #bloggerproblems .. I’ve been drinking SO much tea out of this recently due to my Mum throwing a lot of mugs away (bloggers nightmare) and every time I drink out of it, I can’t help but chuckle – that’s my laughter done for the day!
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Liverpool Lunch
On Wednesday afternoon, I met up with one of my friends who I used to work with at Waterstones for a post Christmas and NY catch up. Jenny is honestly one of the sweetest girls I know and despite us not working together anymore, I hope we can still catch up every now and then. We went to a new restaurant in Liverpool and it was SO light inside – a blogger’s dream location! I’ve got a full blog post coming shortly about it so stay tuned..
Spice Girls
My Friday consisted of this. Yup. It was flippin’ fantastic and a great way to cheer yourself up if you’re feeling particularly blue. These were THE band in the 90’s and my absolute favourites. I wanted to be a mix between Posh and Baby. Ha!
Pretty Little Liars – “Charlotte’s Web.”
Last week, I discussed the new episode of PLL (without spoilers) and it seemed to go down a treat with you all so here are my thoughts on this week’s episode.. I liked it – I wasn’t crazy about it and honestly, I don’t think Ezra has anything to do with last week’s death. The girls seem very, very, very awkward with Alison and who can blame them? She wants to act like nothing has happened. I’ve heard a few spoilers for the rest of the season so I’m excited to see how that plays out. But good episode, not as good as last week’s though..
Did you do anything lovely this week? Let me know in the comments below.
EL xx

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