The January Polish

Morning everyone,

In my eyes, Rimmel Nail Polishes are the best. They’ve been my go-to brand for nails for about a year now and I’ve got quite the little collection growing. With a large range of colours and the sixty second drying formula, there isn’t anything I don’t love about them and that is exactly how I came up with the idea of bringing you the same post at the end of every month about the nail polish I have purchased (or may already have in my collection) and worn throughout the past 30-something days.

I wanted to do something fun for a brand without collaborating with them on the post – something which I can give back to them and say “thanks for making your nail polishes flippin’ fantastic.”

The polish I chose for January actually came from a recommendation from a fellow blogger; Gemma. I spotted her nails on Twitter and instantly wanted to know which shade it was and to my luck, it was a Rimmel one. I picked it up in my local Tesco one evening and I have been obsessed with it ever since.

Rimmel1 Rimmel2 Rimmel3 Rimmel4

With it being the first month of the year (and to some, the dullest), I didn’t want a bright colour and even before Caramel Cupcake was recommended, I knew I wanted quite a soft, neutral colour. This nail polish goes on my finger nails like an absolute dream and with the high shine effect acting straight away, it looked beautiful within a minute. I personally like to have about two/three coats of nail polish on, each to their own and this colour is just *insert all the heart eye emoji’s*

In the 60 Seconds Super Shine collection, there are 31 colours to choose from and if you’re not sure how they’ll look on your hand, Rimmel have that aspect covered with a cheeky little online try-on. Genius!

Let me know if you have any Rimmel colour recommendations in the comments below and there will be another polish post coming at the end of February – what colour will it be?

EL xx