Lovely Things // Week 5

Happy Sunday!

Not a lot has happened this week as I’ve been in work but I didn’t want to miss a week so here goes…

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Australia and New Zealand

I touched briefly about Australia in a previous Sunday post which left me with talking about how I’d like to visit one day… Well, on Monday I booked my flights to Australia and in late February, I’ll leaving for about two months. I’m seeing family whilst I’m over there. I really don’t want to go into too much detail because despite people wanting to know the ins and outs, I want to keep travel details private. I will try my best to blog whilst I’m away as my laptop is coming with me so hopefully, I’ll have the Lovely Things post as an update of what I’ve been doing that week.



Pretty Little Liars – “The Gloves Are On.”


This week’s episode was really, really good – the action of the latest game was kicked up a notch and it seems like the writer’s have truly nailed the plot for the rest of S6 (or so I hope).. Sara Harvey is still lurking about and I’m glad that we finally got to learn about why she wears gloves; the only flashback they used in this episode was brilliant but to be honest, I still really want to know why she turned out to be Red Coat & Black Widow. Melissa and Lucas are both back in Rosewood and wow, Lucas looks HOT! He’s definitely still got something for Hanna, that’s pretty obvious. I’ll tell you what I’m not a fan of – Spencer and Caleb. Don’t get me wrong, they’re an incredibly brainy power couple but I just feel like they’re both stabbing Hanna in the back; it’ll be interesting to see where the storyline goes with that. Of course, Aria is still my favourite character on the show and what she is doing for Ezra is really sweet. I’ve heard two big spoilers about Aria so it’ll be interesting to see how that is played out. The episode ending with a typical text and I just couldn’t help but think YES! THE GAME IS ON! As much as the A game was fantastic, I really can’t wait for it all to kick off – it’s not good for my anxiety, I swear. Roll on next week!

Little bit of a short one this week but I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless. Let me know what the highlight of your week was in the comments below.
EL xx

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