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Oh, hello Friday!

If you are an avid reader of my blog or follow me on Instagram, you will know that since Monday 4th January, you will know that every single morning, I have been working out. This is a record for me. I purchased Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz and I’ve been using that for the past month. I was in Liverpool on the 20th of January with one of my friends and we happened to stumble into New Look, as you do.. I was actually looking for a bobble hat but came out with completely different items!

*Disclaimer: New Look have not sent these items for review, I purchased them with my own money and wanted to share my thoughts with you all.

Grey Space Dye Sports Crop Top

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This sports crop top is amazing! From the colour to the style to the comfort, I’m really pleased with my first purchase. I personally use this as a sports bra (it was labelled as one in the store) and when I work out, it feels really supportive. It comes in grey or purple and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a best seller, it is quite possibly my favourite pieces of fitness wear. For £12.99, I would happily purchase another.

White No Excuses Mesh Back Sports Vest

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I own three fitness strappy tops from Primark and as much as I love them, I don’t always want a top which clings to my stomach, you know? Some days I may want a loose top and this is exactly what you get with this New Look top. The logo is just what I need. Despite working out every single day for a month, I’m yet to find a excuse in the morning where I don’t want to do it BUT if I ever were, well, this top comes in handy. It’s plain, comfortable, affordable for £8.99 and I adore the mesh back. With the sports crop top underneath, it’s the perfect combo with a pair of black leggings because not everybody wants to wear brilliantly coloured clothing 24/7. I’m Wednesday Addams, I swear.

photo 10 photo 11

Firstly, sorry for the awful graining two above pictures – the lighting in the hallway is AWFUL. But I wanted to attempt to show you a full length picture and with being by myself, there’s nobody around to ask apart from the dog.. I’ve just done a workout in the two tops and I’m on the road to feeling better about my body.

Have you ever bought fitness clothes from New Look or any other high street store? Let me know!

EL xx


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  1. I never thought of new look for work out clothes! These look great, I recently started up yoga again and cardio. I got mine from next but will definitely have a nosey at new look for more Xx


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