The Valentines Dilemma: Red or Pink Lip?


Valentines Day is just around the corner…

Despite being a single pringle on the “big day,” I’m not one of those who turns into Moaning Myrtle and watches Bridget Jones on repeat. It’s just a day. With that being said, I still wanted to bring you a post just in case you and your loved one are planning something romantic, so I’ve teamed up with the folk at Technic for today’s post. These products are on Amazon but have a nosy in your local Body Care shop, they’re there!

*Disclaimer: Thank you toΒ the Technic team for kindly sending me the products. The following words and opinions are 100% my own. Please note that there are no photographs of the colours on my lips as I’ve been suffering with flu so my lips haven’t been in tiptop condition – my bad.


1. Colour Max Lipstick – Love Letters


Love Letters is perfect for the girls who enjoy wearing a pop of colour on their lips. With a vibrant colouring and easy application, its ideally for a day or evening Valentines date. I love the fact that Technic have named the lipstick Love Letters because it generally looks like the colour you’d leave kissed on the back of an envelope.

2. Juicy Sticks – Watermelon


Now, I love lipstick, I really do but I’m really starting to love colour sticks – they’re full of a gorgeous colour and they’re also really nourishing for your lips. I’ve worn this multiple times for work and it’s such a soft subtle pop of colour without being too in your face. I personally believe that this is ideal for day-to-day wear as it’s really easy to apply without a mirror and doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry.

3. Tinted Lipbalm – Cherry Red


Much like the colour stick, lip balms which add colour are slowly becoming one of my favourite beauty products – it’s a 2 in 1 and it’s a flipping brilliant idea. This is brilliant for evening dates if you’re one of those girls who can’t be bothered to keep their red lipstick in check (believe me, I’ve been there). Red lip balms aren’t as tricky to apply and that is certainly a plus in my eyes because nobody wants to resemble Miranda Sings.

4. Colour Max Lipstick – Matte Deep Red


About twoΒ December’s ago, I started wearing red lipstick and feeling okay about it. I started going out in public with it on duringΒ  the day and nobody said anything negative about it (minus my mum who hates it), but I felt good and now, I’m back to the dilemma of whether I can pull a darker lip off or not. I think for Valentines Day, if you’re wanting a really bold look, then a colour such as Matte Deep Red is ideal. Own it.

5. Lipstick With Added Vitamin E – Heartbeat


If you’ve been reading my blog for ages, then you’ll probably recognise this lipstick. Heartbeat is a lipstick that I have a love/hate relationship with – it doesn’t leave my lips feeling like they’ve been given added Vitamin E and within a couple of hours, I’m having to wipe it off because of the chapped sensation it’s left. It’s one of those which you can wear for a few cocktail drinks with the girls.

6. Colour Max Lipstick – Posh Totty


This is quite possibly my favourite out of the Colour Max collection. It’s quite a dusky rose colouring and it’s just so perfect for every day wear. If you’re being whisked away during the day and you’re struggling to chose on a nude lipstick (been there, done that), a soft pink looks fantastic on any skin tone.

7. Colour Max Lipstick – Matte Pink


I know a lot of bloggers who would suit this colour down to a T, but sadly, not on me. Hot pink completely washes me out and we all know, I’m the colour of Caspar. As much as it would suit some, I couldn’t ever imagine wearing such a bright lip – not on Valentines or any other time.


If you have plans on Valentines or not, which do you prefer – a red or pink lip?

EL xx


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