Lovely Things // Week 9

Hello from the other side,

I arrived in Australia on Saturday morning around nine am and after three flights: Manchester to Dubai, Dubai to Sydney and finally, Sydney to Canberra, I can officially say that I’m completely shattered and vaguely aware of what day/time it is. But what can I say? I’m with family who I haven’t seen in fourteen years and despite never stepping foot in Australia before, I feel very at home. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon eating sausage butties (yum!), a trip to Aldi and IKEA (you can take the girl out of England…) and unpacking. It’s hot – I won’t lie and to my surprise, I’m still walking round with a brew in my hand and wearing my slippers. Standard.


^^ Dubai Airport ^^

I can honestly say that I have done nothing but laugh. Cards Against Humanity – need I say any more? Saturday evening was spent trying not to fall asleep at 6pm whilst helping my youngest cousin with her English essay on The Great Gatsby – we are joined at the hip and it’s quite funny seeing someone have the same mannerisms as myself. My oldest cousin and I went on a walk on Saturday evening with the dog, Zeus (love him already) and we spotted two wallabies – how cool? On a serious note,Β any thoughts of anxiety and being a million miles away from home have flown out of my mind. I feel really at home here and I have my crazy family to thank for that. Seriously, they’re never quiet and I love it.

aus1 aus2 aus4

^^ Sydney to Canberra ^^

I’ve got today (Sunday) and Monday in Australia and then we are all flying to New Zealand for twelve days… I CAN NOT FLIPPING WAIT. The plan is pretty crazy and jam packed for that week and a bit so I’ll be certain to update you all once I’m back in Australia because apparently, the Wi-Fi is shocking.


^^ Sunday Evening Sunset ^^

I can’t write this post without mentioning Australia’s number one chocolate: Tim Tam. Everyone who knows that I’ve gone away for a while has told me about the chocolate and I was quite excited to see what all the fuss was. They’re Penguins. They’re the Aussie version of Penguins. Still flipping tasty though..

Talk when I’m back from NZ.

EL xx

*P.S I’m sharing my travel posts with family/friends on Facebook so be nice. Merci.





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