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A Weekend At Lake Burley Griffin

Hello, from the other side…

This weekend, I attended two stunning events – both to do with the sky. I mentioned them very briefly at the end of Sunday’s post but I really wanted to show more pictures and who can blame me? I’m a blogger, after all. Taking 60 pictures of the same shot is my thing..


Lake Burley Griffin has been on my Canberra to-see list for quite some time and to be able to see it in both the evening when the sun is setting and then in the morning when the sun is rising, it’s quite something. On Saturday evening, my cousin very kindly took me to see a firework show which the radio station Hit 104.7 set up as a celebration for Canberra Day. We sat on the grass from about half past six after a truly delicious Chinese meal, before the show commenced at half past eight and ran for about 15-20 minutes.Β You’re probably thinking I’m mental for waiting that long, but believe me, it was really worth it. Here are just a few of my favourite pictures and if you want to see more, just have a nosy at #skyfire on Twitter…

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It was, by far, the best firework show I have ever been to. Every Bonfire Night and NYE’s will never compare to the show I witnessed on Saturday evening. The atmosphere was incredible, people had brought picnics and blankets to share with their family members. Despite the temperature really dropping, it was wonderful.

The following morning, I woke up about five am for the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. I’m not particularly sure who ran this event but it was extremely well done – plenty of safety notices and we were able to get really close to the balloons whilst they were being filled. We were wedged on the lawn between the Old Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin so it truly was a perfect setting. Again, if you want to have a look at more pictures, just have a nosy on Twitter and Instagram as there are some amazing photography shots on there…

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Overall, they were two remarkable free events! Very pleased that I finally got to see a hot air balloon rise from the ground up into the sky. This weekend, I’m off somewhere else so I’ll definitely let you all know about it briefly in Sunday’s Lovely Things post before probably doing a more fuller one.

EL xx