Lovely Things // Week 13

Happy Easter!

If you read my Lovely Things posts each Sunday, you’ll know that I’m two days early. Well there is a simple explanation for that: I’m away this weekend without my laptop and I really want to do a post about the Easter four day adventure. So there’s that. Never the less, you’re still getting the same post with an extra one (hopefully coming on Monday, all depending on when I get back). Sound good to you? Lovely.


Shellac Nails

On Tuesday, I ventured out into the nearby town for a little bit of me time. Buses are quite straight forward here and thankfully, the drivers are friendly. I absolutely love having my feet done but with my job, I’ve never been able to have my nails done so while I’m here, I went for it. I opted for Shellac simply because they last longer and a lot of beauty bloggers have recommended it in the past. I wanted a fresh colour, nothing in your face or glittery so a soft rose colour it was. I even went to the local beauty place and picked up the same shade for $3 just in case it chipped.

Canberra Highlights Tour

With everyone at school/work during the week, I have the ability to go wherever I fancy and with trips coming up, I want to fit in as much as possible so for $139, I’ve booked myself onto a Canberra Highlights Tour at the beginning of April when I’m back from Melbourne. It’s a full day tour where you’re driven around in a snazzy car and being told information about different places. There are plenty of points to get out, take pictures etc. and all entry fees are covered. It has raving reviews so I’m really looking forward to it.


Harry Hartog Bookshop

Yesterday, my cousin gave me a little nudge when we were coming up to her favourite bookshop and now, I can understand why. It is absolutely gorgeous inside – full of new and old books for everyone’s particular choice. There is everything you would usually discover in Waterstones but it has more of an oldie-worldie feel to it. Just outside the shop, the bookshop have created their own seating area with a few bookshelves to have a nosy at – forgot to take a picture, oops! As a bookworm, I love going into different bookshops to see how they vary from ours in the UK.

burger burger1

Smoque – American BBQ

My cousin’s partner recommended this place as he knows that I’m a fan of pulled pork. The last time I had it, I was in Times Square and completely jetlagged so this time, I was determined to enjoy it a lot more. Spoiler alert: it didn’t disappoint. This is the kind of food coma I enjoy. The chips were on the right kind of salty, the staff were friendly and the outside seating area was spot on with a gorgeous view of a carpark. Ha!

Harry Potter Channel

Oh, it’s the simple things in life isn’t it? If you know me, you’ll know I’m completely obsessed with the books, the films, the cast and pretty much everything else. Here in Australia over Easter, they are showing the eight films 24/7 which makes me very, very happy. I know a few people in the UK will roll their eyes at this because Sky do the same thing but not everyone has that and well, it makes me happy. So there.


This week, I caved and downloaded it. You can add me at EmmaIsWriting and see my Aussie adventures.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter – I’m going to eat my weight in chocolate, visit a beachside resort with my cousin and on Monday, I’ll *hopefully* be back with a jam packed post about the four day weekend. Let me know what the highlight of your week was in the comments below.

EL xx


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