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Easter In Australia

Hello, from the other side…
I was going to say, Happy Easter but that ship has sailed. I’m currently laid up in bed watching last week’s Celebrity Juice – I’m not 100% ill but there’s definitely something a bit meh going on with my body at the moment so clean eating and working out is a must. I was going to make this a long-ish post with plenty of pictures for you all, but honestly, I have the energy of a sloth so I am sorry for that… Whether you are in the world, I hope you enjoyed the four day weekend.
Afternoon Tea at the National Arboretum
My cousins and I took Friday as a “lets be lazy and do bugger all” day so I took the opportunity to watch all eight Harry Potter films and it was flipping lovely. On the Saturday, four of us went to the Arboretum which is basically a place to have afternoon tea at whilst you look at the beautiful view before heading to see some rather pricey trees. The weather was perfect but we couldn’t stay long as I stupidly forgot to apply sun cream…
Tuross Heads
The main part of our Easter weekend was staying in a beautiful location by the sea. Seriously, just Google it because it reminded me an awful lot like New Zealand. We stayed with some friends, went to a sea food restaurant for lunch (I had chicken, LOL), played Cards Against Humanity and of course, visited a beach for a little while. We were there for just twenty-four hours but it was a lovely break and great to see a new part of Australia.
On a side note… A few people have asked if I’m still reviewing whilst I’m over here and the answer to that is YES. I’ve bought quite a few things so far so I’ll most likely be doing a haul and talking about the beauty pieces. I’m reading whilst I’m here so just keep an eye on the home page for those!
EL xx

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  1. Happy belated Easter! I hope you’re feeling better? Your weekend sounds perfect; a day filled with all the Harry Potter films followed by days out in the Australian sun and at the beach! I’m just a little bit jealous!
    Sarah @


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