Lacura Beauty Blackberry Lipstick

Hello, from the other side…

Before I flew to Australia, I decided that I would most definitely be reviewing some beauty brands over here, particularly ones that we can’t get over in the UK. So what am I starting with? An Aldi lipstick. Ha! I knew a lot of people may be wondering, “you’re a beauty blogger and you’re reviewing a supermarket brand?” Honestly, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it because this lipstick is one of the best I’ve ever purchased.

*Disclaimer: Neither Aldi or Lacura Beauty have not sent this product for review, it has been purchased with my own money and opinions are 100% my own. 

lipstick1 lipstick2 lipstick3 lipstick4 lipstick5

What can I say? This is far from my usual nude/soft pink lipstick daily option. It’s rather bold and out there for my liking, but to my complete surprise, I absolutely love it. I swatched the tester whilst in Aldi (got a few funny looks) and I really liked it. It was $5 which is £2.65. There are a few more shades which I’ve spotted so I may purchase those. The colour goes really well when wearing white and if I were in the UK, I would say that this is more of a evening lipstick but here in Australia, I’m wearing it morning, noon and night. It isn’t quite a matte lipstick, it’s quite soft to apply and despite having no lip liner to match the colour, I’m yet to resemble a clown. After you eat/drink, you do need to reapply it as the colour does fade a little bit but it’s not a high maintenance lipstick at all. I just love it.

If you know of any Australian makeup brands, let me know!

EL xx