Lovely Things // Week 14

Hello, from the other side…

Apologises that my usual Sunday post is only coming to you on Monday, but yesterday, I spent majority of the day in a car on my way back to Canberra from a very fun weekend in Melbourne. Aside from that, not a lot has happened this week as I’ve been a little bit poorly and now my cousin has very kindly decided to pass on her cold to me. So, there’s that. The weather forecast is pretty good for this week – I’ve got my tour of Canberra coming up on Wednesday and then I’ve got two weeks before heading to Sydney. I may start doing a little trip into the local towns to see the cafes for a few reviews. Who knows where the wind will take me.



This weekend was a trip all about celebrating birthdays; a 70th and a 24th. On the Friday, it was mainly driving from Canberra to Melbourne (7 hours with no stops, 8 with a cheeky Burger King thrown in) and to my surprise, it went really quickly. I was reading Follow Me by Angela Clarke until it went dark around 6pm which wasn’t too bad. The stars at night in Australia are something else – there seems to be more of them and they most definitely shine a lot brighter than the dimly lit ones back home.


On Saturday, we celebrated a 70th birthday on a cute little boat around the harbour where we were treated to fish and chips before lying on the top of the boat and going under multiple bridges. To some, it sounds lame yet to me, it was quite a fun afternoon. As you can tell by the pictures, it wasn’t sunny until around 3pm which was perfect as we decided to talk a stroll around the city…

Melbs3 melbs4

Melbourne is quite possibly one of the funkiest cities in the world – every time you turn a corner, there is something new and exciting to discover amongst the multiple walks of life. We decided to have a few drinks to celebrate my cousin turning 24 the following day – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? The first place we went to was a side street little gem of a bar called Chuckle Park and it was by far, the most Instagram worthy place.

melbs7 melbs5 melbs6

After we left the funky place, we headed off for a bite to eat – I opted for a simple cheese and tomato pizza. YUM! Then, we decided to hit a few more bars and if you know me, you know that I very rarely drink alcohol for personal reasons but when in Melbourne… The first place we visited was called State Of Grace – an underground bar in which you simply pull a book and the wall opens up for you. Yup, I know what you’re thinking: HEAVEN. We had a drink before moving onto the next place. Could my cousins recommendations get any better? Well yes, because we then went to Berlin..

melbs8 melbs9

Service at The Berlin Bar is like no other. Before you even think about what you want to drink, you’re either seated in West or East of the country – the posh vs. the poor. Amazing. Thankfully, we were seated in the snazzy section. Your waiter for the evening explains the menu which is a map which helps you decide which type of cocktail you’ll like; there is everything from spicy ones to chocolate ones to ones where you have goats cheese with it (my cousin had one!)… I went for a very simple Amaretto Sour which I’ve never had before but oh my, it was strong yet really good. Everyone opted for different cocktails as you can see from above. The lighting isn’t the best (clearly, they don’t consider us bloggers. Ha!)

melbs10 melbs11

Sunday morning called for a birthday brunch as my cousin turned 24 and it was really lovely to celebrate her day with her, even if it was only for two hours. We went to a cute little place which I actually won’t name as my cousin does in fact work there (Internet stalkers and all that). I opted for Eggs Benedict which is a breakfast I have very rarely but oh my, I ought to have it more often. It was incredible.

After our goodbyes, it was back to Canberra. I’ve got a tour this Wednesday so expect a lengthy photograph based post on that coming later this week. Depending on what else I do this week, I may skip next week’s Lovely Things post as I’m not feeling 100% but bear with me: SYDNEY!

Hope you all had a lovely week, let me know what your highlight was in the comments below.

EL xx