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One of the great things about The Body Shop is that they’re global. My local store in the UK is in Liverpool One but lucky for me, I can also stock up whilst I’m here in Australia. For the price of their items, I always thought they were a little on the pricey side but in reality, they last an awful lot longer than the bog-standard £2 shower gel from ASDA. I’m definitely treating myself to more of their items in future.

*Disclaimer: The Body Shop have not sent this product for review, it has been purchased with my own money and opinions are 100% my own. 

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As a going-away present, my Mum gave me one of their stocking fillers and despite hating mango as a fruit, I absolutely love it as a scent. Within the filler (which I believe you may still be able to purchase), you are given a shower gel, body crème, body butter, hand cream and one of those fluffy things you wash yourself with – what are they called? These products last for SO long (minus the body butter because I literally coat myself in it) and at the end of March, I only repurchased the shower gel

I absolutely love the smell of the shower gel – it’s not overpowering, it’s quite subtle and allows my skin to feel incredibly refreshed. As I have run out of the little body butter, I’ve actually paired it with the mango & papaya body butter from I Love… and they work incredibly well together so if you fancy a mix and match, go for it.

If you’re in the UK, it is priced at £12 for a 750ml bottle, whereas if you’re in Australia, it is $10.95. If you want to get all fancy with converting money to see which is cheaper: £12 = $22.28. So it’s basically a bargain and I’m more than likely not going to repurchase because if it leaks in my suitcase coming home, I’ll resemble Ross from Friends, you know the episode… 

Have you tried any of The Body Shop products? Let me know!

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