Lovely Things // Week 15

Hello, from the other side…

In three weeks, I’ll be home. I landed in Australia in late February and it’s crazy to think that I’m going home soon. This week, I had a lovely cold. Yup. That wasn’t a typo. I am in a hot country, with a cold, courtesy of my cousin. I’m 100% better now through taking it easy this week but I did do something rather exciting on Wednesday so I really wanted to dedicate the usual Sunday post to that.

*Disclaimer: I was not asked to sponsor this tour on my blog, this is done purely out of fun and possibly some information for my readers. All prices are linked on the website below (in bold) and more info is available if you click on the tour stop place name.

Before I went to Melbourne, I decided to book myself onto a tour of the capital of Australia in order to see various places within one day. I could have easily taken multiple buses to get around, but why not be shown around by a professional tour guide? I know Fran is probably reading this, so hello and “is it boxes or bugs?” Ha! Around 8:30am on Wednesday, the Canberra Highlights Tour bus picked me and three other passengers off and away we went…

TOUR STOP 1: Mount Ainslie Lookout

tour1 tour2 tour3 tour4 tour5 tour6 tour7

As you can see, we were really lucky with the weather – it was about 30 degrees and for Autumn in April, apparently that is unusual. There were also 40mph winds (not a typo), but I can’t complain as it was perfect weather. So, the pictures above are of Mount Ainslie which is the first lookout point on the tour and what a way to kick start the day. The views were incredible and we were able to see everything from Parliament House (more on that later), the airport, the city and Lake Burley Griffin.

TOUR STOP 2: Royal Military College

There are a few stops along the tour where you simply stay in the vehicle purely because there is nowhere to park up, but in particular for this stop, I don’t think we were allowed outside. The Royal Military College is a village within itself – there are houses for the families, shops and even a nursery for the children. They’re really well catered for and it’s kind of cool that you’re allowed to drive around to have a look. That’s probably an aspect we can’t do in the UK.

TOUR STOP 3: Australian War Memorial

tour8 tour9 tour10 tour11 tour12 tour13 tour14 tour15 tour16 tour17 tour18

The War Memorial was always on my to-see list when I came to Canberra. I’m not particularly fond of history, so a quick walk around was ideal. It is situated in the most beautiful building, filled to the brim with information about lost loved ones. From one of the pictures above, you’ll see what looks like white towel wrapped with a poppy on – they told visitors of how old the soldiers were when they passed away and it’s honestly, quite shocking as the ages ranged from nineteen to thirty-six. We had a quite morning tea break in the café on site which is called Poppy (love that), before heading onto the next place.

TOUR STOP 4: The National Carillon


This was another drive-by stop and thankfully, the picture turned out pretty well despite being in a moving car. If you’re around the spot about 11am, you can hear chimes and it was actually a gift from the British Government, so you’re welcome Australia. Ha!

TOUR STOP 5: New Parliament House

tour20 tour21 tour22 tour23 tour24 tour25 tour26 tour27 tour28

In Canberra, there are two Parliament Houses – the old one and the new one. Politics isn’t particularly my thing; I rarely vote and I can’t stand David Cameron, yet this was absolutely incredible. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a different country but I found it to be really enjoyable. We stopped off for some lunch as well and I had a pot of delicious sweet potato fries. The attraction was apparently busier than usual as there were multiple graduations going on at the time as well as school trips, yet never the less, it was definitely a highlight.

TOUR STOP 6: The Embassy Houses

Again, this was another drive-by. I had already seen where the Great Britain house was but compared to some of the others, ours is incredibly plain. The house for the USA is a mini White House whereas China and Thailand’s look as if they’ve air lifted one of their own – seriously impressive. Deeply wish I’d walked around and taken pictures, but not 100% sure if you’re actually allowed…
*there is no available link for this, but just have a nosy on Google at the houses!

TOUR STOP 7: Government House Lookout

tour33 tour34

Now, this is the only lookout which I didn’t enjoy as you can barely see anything. You’re not particularly high up but it is a great spot to have a nosy at the Government House (don’t worry, you’re allowed)…

TOUR STOP 8: National Arboretum

tour35 tour36

If you read my Sunday Lovely Thing’s post, you’ll know that I have already been to this location and well, it’s so beautiful that I had to go again (jokes, it was on the program!). The views are absolutely stunning, you can easily stand there; either in the shade or in the sun for hours on end as there is so much to see.

TOUR STOP 9: Telstra Tower

As I’ve already been here before, I decided not to take any pictures (there’s a blog post on it lurking somewhere…), but I did have the most amazing Jaffa Cake bar with a cup of tea, so no complaints. If you enjoy seeing places from up high, I definitely recommend.

TOUR STOP 10: Seeing A Kangaroo

Daylight savings, we are not friends. If the clocks hadn’t have changed, I would have been able to get a clear pictures but due to it going dark around 6pm, sadly I couldn’t but never the less – I SAW A KANGAROO. My first Kangaroo and not only that, it was having a good old jump. Quite sad of me when you think about it, but when you live in the UK, it’s kind of a big deal.

Overall, I absolutely loved the tour from start to finish. If you’re in the area, go on the tour!

EL xx