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The Best Burgers In Australia

Hello, from the other side…

In a blog post a few weeks ago, I mentioned a burger place called Grill’d and how I had the most amazing burger but stupidly forgot to take any pictures. Yup, you remember? Great. Well, on Saturday I went back with my cousin after purchasing some jeans from Target and this time, I remembered to snap away.




Before you continue scrolling, I wanted to tell you something rather unique about Grill’d called Local Matters. For every customer, they give them a bottle top inside a little envelope. Either before, during or after your meal near the counter, you pop your bottle top into one of three jars and they then donate money to that particular charity.







Nine times out of ten, I’ll opt for the plain burger. I don’t like anything fancy on mine and if I’m feeling particularly wild, I’ll go for the chicken burger. I need to calm down, I know. This burger is absolutely amazing and you have a variety of bread to choose from. I really want to know what their relish is because my god, it is good. My cousin and I shared a small pot of sweet potato fries because they’re just flippin’ delicious and to top it off, opt for the garlic mayo. I wasn’t a fan before I came to Australia, but I’ve been converted.


The whole dΓ©cor around the restaurant is really chic and has that chilled out street vibe which I really like. Plus, the back of the menu is pretty amusing as well. I don’t think I’ll be heading back to Grill’d before I leave to fly home, but next time I’m in Australia, I’ll be makingΒ a return for yet another delicious (and healthy) burger.

Where do you go for the best burgers? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx