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Australia Clothing Haul: Target, Country Road, K-Mart & Factorie

Hello, from the other side…

While I’ve been in Australia for the past month or so, I’ve picked up clothing pieces on the odd occasion and when I asked on Twitter, if you would like to see a clothing haul – you all said yes. The only item of clothing which I really needed to purchase were the jeans as my Primark ones just about lasted the flights over here.

*Disclaimer: None of these brands have sponsored me for this post.

Target: Skinny Jeans (Size 12/$39)

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I’ve found that Australian jeans are relatively different from UK jeans.. Back home, I’m a size 10 because of my Kardashian bum but over here, I’m a size 12 which means I ought to be a size 14 back home. WEIRD. But you know what? As long as they’re comfy and they fit me, size is just a number and it certainly doesn’t define you.

Target is a shop which is highly spoken about in America, but honestly, the Australia one is a bit of a let down so massive thanks to the folk who hyped it up for me. Ha! In terms of the clothing, there is a lot to choose from; jeans, short tops, long tops, workout gear, leggings, jeggings, pyjamas etc. I’m hoping to do another trip before I leave.

So the jeans themselves are a brilliant fit – not the best but for $39 (£30), it’s a really good deal as some shops were selling them for well over $150. No thank you! I opted for the skinny version simply because they’re the comfiest for me and my body shop. I’ve got what are called “thunder thighs” as well as Kardashian booty so it’s sometimes difficult to find jeans which will fit me perfectly. I’m actually yet to wear these out whilst in Australia as it’s been mainly shorts and patterned trousers kind of weather but no doubt they’ll receive plenty of wear back in the UK.

K-Mart: Checked Shirt (Medium/$12)

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I’ve developed a real love for checked shirts over the past few months. They’re probably my go-to outfit when I’m going out for the day and they’re so easy to pair with a white vest top and a pair of leggings. Win! I already have a red shirt which I brought over to Australia with me, but when I saw this in K-Mart, I kind of fell in love with it as it’s a longer and thinner version of my other one. I mean, I’m not one for buying duplicates but when you like something, you like something. In terms of how much it is, it was $12 and in the UK, that’s £6.40. It’s basically Primark pricing.

Country Road: Long Striped Tee (Medium/$24)

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AHH. Fashion people: what do you call a long sleeved item of clothing that covers your bum? It’s clearly not a t-shirt and this is a little on the thick side. Is there even a name for it? Let me know please. I’ve been trying to think of how to describe Country Road and honestly, I would say it is like Red Herring which you’ll find in John Lewis. It’s not highly priced but I was lucky and somehow managed to find this beauty in the sale from $65 to $24. It’s extremely comfortable and I’ve worn it a lot since I purchased it.

K-Mart: Owl Socks (Size6-10/$2)


You can probably guess by the name of my blog that I love owls and stags. It’s a well known fact in my family/friends circle and anything I can get my hands on in with a relation to these two animals – I’ll more than likely purchase it. So naturally, I picked up these owl socks from K-Mart. I mean, for $2 which is £1.09, it’d be rude not to, right?

K-Mart: Lazy Pants (M/$12)

Fash_6 Fash_7

So, they’re not actually called lazy pants, that’s just what I’ve nicknamed them since I was a teenager. I bought these with the idea of having them for the multiple plane journey’s back to the UK but I just can’t take them off. THEY ARE SO FLIPPING COMFY. I opted for the navy-grey colouring and I’ve never looked back. Back home, these would cost £6.52 so it’s not bad going.

Factorie – Grey Cardigan (M/$19.95)

Fash_2 Fash_3 Fash_4 Fash_5

Mum, if you’re reading this – we can share this! This cardigan is extremely comfortable and I’m so happy I purchased it because I could live in it. It’s ideal for those UK sunny days (will we actually get any, though?). There is nothing I dislike about this purchase. The shop itself is full of incredible clothes so I’m hopefully going to go back. This would cost me £10.84 back home – bargain!

I love the pieces I picked up – can you tell I love K-Mart? Sorry that there are no full length pictures – I’m a single blog lady. Have you bought any new clothes recently? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx


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