Essence “All That Greys” Nail Polish

Hello beauty lovers,

When I was in the nearest shopping centre this week, I picked up a new nail polish and I’ll be completely honest – the only reason I purchased it was because Rimmel’s “Rain Rain Go Away” was all sold out and I’ve been wanting to get my hands it for weeks now! When I stumbled across the Essence counter, I noticed their new All That Greys collection and the only one left was a shade called “03 greyt times,” and before you ask – that’s not a typo, that’s how the nail polish is spelt..

*Disclaimer: Essence have not sponsored me for this post. The nail polish was purchased with my own money.

NP_1 NP_2 NP_3

This shade is actually really beautiful. I’ve wanted to have a grey nail polish in my collection for quite some time and now, I think I’ve found the ideal one. I’m on day 3 since painting them and so far, so good – no chips, no repaints, no smudges. The polish itself was $4 which is £2.83 so just a little bit less than the average £2.99 Rimmel nail polish.

The formula itself is quite watery when you first apply it, but after two or three coats, it turns into a beautiful colour and I’m really happy with how it turned out. There are a few more shades in the range so I may have to pick those up as well.

Have you tried any of the Essence products? I know there is a counter in the UK.

EL xx