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Hello beauty lovers,

I’m probably the last beauty blogger to ever purchase a Real Techniques brush. I’ve known about them for years and read pretty much, every single review that a fellow blogger has posted but until this week, I didn’t own one. It’s not that I’ve never wanted to purchase one – it’s just that I’ve never had a reason to seeing as I was happy with my W7 ones. But seeing as I was having one of those feeling-like-utter-poop days, I decided to treat myself.

*Disclaimer: Real Techniques have not sponsored me for this post.

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In Australia, there is a shop called Priceline ($20)Β which is a little bit like Superdrug and to my luck, they stock a few of the brushes – some single, some in a set. I really wanted a brush which would blend my concealer in really well as I don’t wear foundation. I’ve heard quite a few bloggers say it works for both foundation and concealer so I knew I wasn’t buying it for no reason.

On Friday, I tried the brush for the first time and I’m quite impressed. I don’t see a big difference just yet but I’m sure that over time, I’ll use it a bit better. The bristles are quite hard but I’m actually grateful for that as you know it does the job. I prefer using the brush under my eyes but skipping round my nose as it doesn’t reach particularly well.

Overall, I’m really glad I purchased the brush and I’m happy with the results.

Have you used any Real Techniques Brushes? Which should I try next?

EL xx


2 thoughts on “Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

  1. I loved using this brush for buffing in my foundation before I got my Zoeva set! I can’t say I’ve used it on concealer but I can see it working just as well. I agree that it isn’t great for around the nose but I tend to just touch up those areas with my fingers (or my concealer brush if I’m not feeling lazy!) x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat


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