Lovely Things // Week 18

Hello from the UK.

I landed back in Manchester on Thursday at noon and I think it’s safe to say that jet-lag is an absolute bitch. My three flights home went very smoothly – no delays and I was seated with very nice people so no complaints. I’m really happy to be home but I’m missing my Aussie/NZ family quite a lot so it’s going to take some getting used to. During my previous Lovely Things post, I mentioned that I would be bringing you a post all about my final weekend in Australia and well, I was too tired to write it up until now..

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: It is going to be photo heavy. Just sayin’



Before I went across to Australia, I knew that at some point I was going to visit Wollongong to see where my cousin was studying at University. My youngest cousin and I hopped on a three hour coach journey last Thursday and we arrived in New South Wales around 9pm before catching up, late-night food shopping and eating chicken wraps around midnight. The following day (Friday), we spent the day in the city centre doing a bit of shopping and I bought the most amazing jumper which I’m completely in love with. I’m definitely doing a post on it, so you will see it soon.

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After a few hours shopping, we decided to head to the city beach for a little walk. Not many people know this but I have a massive fear of sand and if people manage to get me to walk/run/sit on sand, then I must love them a heck of a lot. Within ten minutes or so, I had become used to it being in my toes and we were soon running round like hooligans. The beach was completely deserted and we had a beautiful view of the lighthouse.

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To watch the sun set, we had a choice: stay on the beach or go to Mount Kiera Lookout and seeing as I love going up high and see my surroundings that way, we opted to go there. The view was absolutely incredible. It is quite windy as it is a seaside area but it was worth the drive there. Sadly there were no spectacular colours in the sky that evening before it decided to start raining.



You can’t go to Australia and not go to Sydney. On Saturday morning, my younger cousin and I caught a 9am train to Sydney from Wollongong and within an hour or so, we were there. and met up with one of my other cousins.Β The plan for the day was to sightsee and I was really looking forward to it but then the rain came and it didn’t stop all day so the last thing we wanted to do was to walk around freezing our backsides off. We had a late breakfast in a nearby cafΓ© and decided to go bowling instead. WE WERE RUBBISH. It was fun but wow, we’re so bad at it. Ha! I definitely lost both games but we all somehow managed a strike each. We went into a photo booth and took some hilarious pictures which I brought home with me to pin up.

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By the time it reached 6pm, the rain had eased off for a while so we decided to grab some Chinese food in China town. What a mistake that was. My cousins both had their meals and I was left to wait at least 30 minutes for mine and when it arrived, the chicken was basically still clucking. Safe to say, I wasn’t impressed and I made sure the manager knew. Did he care? Not one little bit. However, that didn’t put a downer on my evening as within forty minutes, we arrived at the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Wow. I think these two landmarks are by far my favourite. One of the reasons for the Sydney trip was to obviously see the sights but I was completely blown away by the beauty of them at night time. We grabbed some delicious ice cream before walking around the Opera House; I had chocolate chip cookie topped with strawberry topped with chocolate sauce (I took the picture before I drizzled it on). It was flipping delicious and rather chilly. Ha! We got some lovely pictures before heading for an early night.


Warning: Yes, there are pictures of animals in their caged areas. If you are offended by this, please do click off my blog now as it was a place I really wanted to visit and enjoy.

Sunday was zoo day and it was definitely my favourite part of being in Australia. Instead of going to Sydney Zoo, we went to Taraonga Zoo instead purely because it’s bigger, better and came highly recommended. We caught the ferry over the harbour and it took us 12 minutes to get across. We had already purchased ourΒ tickets online so it was plain sailing. We headed straight for the food court as it was around 11 in the morning and we hadn’t had breakfast yet. With a map at hand, we planned out the animals and shows the three of us really wanted to see. The only downside to the zoo was that the owl interaction was all sold out so naturally, I was absolutely gutted. The picture above by the way is the view from the bird show – incredible, right?

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Overall, the zoo was absolutely amazing and I picked up quite a few souvenirs including two kangaroo cuddly toys for my nephews which they absolutely love. The weather was the complete opposite to the previous day and in actual fact, we did get a little sunburn but it was worth it.

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The ferry back to the city was the perfect chance to grab a few pictures of the bridge and Opera House together. Sadly, we were behind glass which did show but despite that, the 4pm sunlight was ideal.

31 32

We left Sydney on Monday around noon but before we did that, we went for a delicious breakfast and managed to see a little bit of street art. Overall, I had the best final weekend in Australia – definitely the highlight of my trip. Seeing my family again was just incredible. I do have a few more travel related posts coming your way.

What have you been up too this week? I hate jet-lag so much right now..

EL xx