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Today I’m bringing you a post which I have never done before and I’m quite excited about it as I am quite possibly the worst person when it comes to perfume. For at least a decade now, my only scent has been Victoria Beckham’s signature (the purple bottle). I haven’t seen reason to purchase anything else as I’ve always had people compliment me on the smell and it’s quickly become my signature scent. However, I decided to purchase my very first Marc Jacobs perfume…
*Disclaimer: Marc Jacobs have not sponsored me for this post (a girl can dream). The opinions are 100% my own and the perfume was purchased with my own Aussie dollars.
When I was travelling back to the UK, I had a seven hour lay-over in Brisbane airport so I took my time whilst walking around the multiple duty-free areas. I knew that I was picking up a perfume for my Mum (I got her a set of mini Dior perfumes), but I wanted to see if there were any particular scents which I liked for myself. I had one of the counter girls kindly help me and we ended up smelling them all and in actual fact, Daisy Dream was the last one I smelt and I knew straight away that it was perfect for me.
Daisy Dream (Eau De Toilette Spray/50ml) is absolutely beautiful. Not only are daises my favourite flower but the smell was just ticking all the right boxes. It is a floral and fruity fragrance which captivates the scents of blackberry, grapefruit and pear that imparts a rich yet feminine smell of jasmine, notes of lychee and blue wisteria. Yes, I did Google that.
daisy1 daisy2 daisy3 daisy4 daisy5
The packaging is on another level – it is absolutely beautiful. The lid of the perfume is a reflective silver colouring with white and gold daisies dotted around before embarking onto a gold band/spritzer. The perfume itself is within a light blue bottle complete with white daises. Together; the white, gold and light blue work wonders together and most definitely appeals to the eye. The box in which the perfume comes in is also light blue with black writing, gold squaring and it is of course complete with daises.
From duty free, I believe it cost me around 70 Australian dollars and in Boots for a 50ml, it is around Β£35 which isn’t too bad considering it is Marc Jacobs after all. I’m definitely going to try the other perfumes in the collection so if you have any recommendations, please do let me know.
Which perfumes do you purchase from duty free? Let me know in the comments below.
EL xx

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