The Jumper I Cannot Stop Wearing

Happy Friday!

I’ve probably timed this blog post completely wrong as we’ve been having quite lovely weather recently in the UK (in my defence, it is Autumn in Australia and I’m always cold), but when I was in Wollongong, I picked up a few items of clothing and over the next few weeks, I want to show them to you starting with the comfiest jumper, EVER.

*Disclaimer: Supre have not sponsored me for this post. The item was purchased with my own money.

j1 j2 j3 j4

In Australia on Friday’s, there is an awful lot of discounts – mainly 20 or 30 percent off so I managed to get this jumper for $12 which I was seriously impressed with. The store itself was full of gorgeous clothes and I could have happily continued purchasing more, but you know, luggage allowance and all that.

I was torn between this incredibly soft grey jumper or a black one which wasn’t as soft. I’m a fan of comfortable, bigger than average jumpers so I opted for a medium size which was perfect in the end as it’s quite a loose fitting but you still feel warm. It goes perfectly with PJ bottoms, leggings and jeans so it’s wearable for pretty much any occasion. Only problem: what do I wear when it’s being washed? Ha!

Have you found an item of clothing which you can’t stop wearing? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx