Lovely Things // Week 22

Happy Sunday!

I’m not particularly sure what is going on with me these past few weeks but I have nothing to say when it comes to this weekly post. I’ve been working quite a lot so when I get home, it is literally the same routine of shower, eat, TV, read and then bed. I feel like I’ve missed out on the blogging community quite a bit as well but that is what happens when it’s crazy at work – no complaints as I did treat myself on pay day.

BUT, I still do have some highlights from this week…

Getting Stuck In A Good Book


As a blogger, I am regularly sent some pretty fantastic books and one of them being How To Find Love In A Book Shop. I’ve almost finished reading it and I can honestly say that I have truly enjoyed it. The review is going up on Monday 13th June as part of a blog tour so keep your eyes pealed for that.


For those who don’t follow me on Snapchat – EmmaIsWriting – I try and snap daily depending on work commitments but if you have any celebrities who you really enjoy watching, let me know! The only downside is that my iPhone4 doesn’t have the filters. UGH.


I’m pretty sure the entire nation watches Britain’s Got Talent because everywhere you go, people are discussing the show. My personal favourites were the Gospel Choir (it was like Sister Act all over again) and the man who kept swallowing the sword. I missed 99% of the auditions with being in Australia but I’m so happy that I was here for the live shows – Ant & Dec are always hilarious, who wouldn’t want them on their TV each evening?


New Glasses

Remember when I said I would have a blog post for you all about my new glasses? Well… I thought about it but what can you really say other than “I can see a lot better now.” I had a great service from Specsavers who made me feel really comfortable as I’ve been quite anxious about my eyesight for some time now but thankfully, I’m all sorted.

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx




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  1. I’m assuming you watched the BGT final last night, then? That 10 years assemble was amazing; gave me goosebumps. I’m liking the cover of that book too — might go out and search for it!


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