Review of Bridesmaids: The One With The Engagement Party by Erin Lawless

Published: 10th June 2016
Harper Impulse


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Thank you to Harper Impulse for kindly sending me a review copy of Part One.

Nora is getting married. With her bridesmaids in tow, they’re celebrating with a bottle of fizz whilst sharing engagement stories. I instantly warmed to Nora; she was down to earth, fun and Erin wrote her really well. Cleo is teaching on a Monday morning, somewhat still hungover from the weekend celebrations. Her work relationship with Gray was so lovely to read about (more of them, please!). Sarah wants to be pregnant more than anything right now; her marriage to Cole is a happy one but a little bundle of joy would soon turn her life into perfection.

“Nora admired her engagement ring again; she couldn’t help it. She was just so very, very, wonderfully happy.”

Despite Nora’s protests that not all her bridesmaids saw eye-to-eye, I thought Erin wrote them as particularly friendly with one another. No cat fights yet with a few little sly digs here and there, it came across as friendships. As the girls venture off to suitable wedding venues with male companions in tow, it was nice to get to know them a little bit better and understand what their personalities are like despite being labelled as a bridesmaid.

“It’s going to be a very long engagement if you and Sarah insist on being such bridesmaidzillas the entire time.”

Part One of the Bridesmaid saga was a quick but fun read, ideal for a Summer’s day if you’re on your work break or sunbathing on holiday. I’ve missed reading Erin’s writing as her style is unique, entertaining and her characters are seriously well developed. I can’t wait for Bridesmaids: The One With The Wedding Dress.