Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara

Hello Monday, we meet again.

As you are all very aware, I spent two months in Australia and New Zealand at the beginning of the year and whilst I was there, I picked up some makeup which you can’t get here in the UK. I’m pretty sure that this post and next Monday’s will be the final two from what I purchased. Cover Girl are a brand who I’m sure a lot of bloggers had heard about and I was intrigued about their counter.

*Disclaimer: Cover Girl have not sponsored me for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.

covergirl1 covergirl2 covergirl3 covergirl4

 I can speak on behalf of bloggers when I say – there is nothing worse than purchasing a product and not liking the results it brings. Mascaras tend to be sealed or contained within packaging so you’re unable to see what type of wand/brush it has and that frustrates me like you wouldn’t believe.

The Flamed Out Mascara isn’t great, I have to be honest. The wand is far too thick for my tiny lashes and all it seem to do was make them darker – no volume, no length, no definition, nothing. I’m a little bit annoyed by this as I was hoping for brilliant results but you can’t ask for everything in life, can you?

Have you tried any Cover Girl products? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx