A HUGE Clothing Haul

Get in loser, we’re going shopping…

Fashion isn’t my strong point. I’ve never been one to follow trends. I wear what I like purely because I’m comfortable or it’s one of my many go-to outfits. I’ve been in Liverpool  and Manchester recently with one of the girls from work as well as with my Mum and I’ve picked up a few pieces throughout the three trips. P. S Please don’t expect snazzy fashion photography from me as I’m a one woman band with only an iPhone at hand. P. P. S Don’t judge me, I very rarely spend money on clothes – it’s so unlike me.

*Disclaimer: Non of these brands have sponsored this post. All items were purchased with my own money and all opinions are 100% my own.

H&M // Denim Shorts


Bloggers, you know when you take a group of photographs for a post and then when you sit down at your laptop to upload them, only one turned out semi okay? Well, basically that. These denim shorts are probably my favourite purchase throughout the entire haul. I’ve got a pair which I’ve had for a couple of years from Primark but I thought that it was time to buy some new ones and preferably from a different shop which a longer shelf line. They are quite short but when you’re walking around in the heat whether that’s on holiday or when the UK finally decides to be warm, you just don’t care. I’ve always been aware of my legs – they’re not the slimmest, I don’t have a thigh gap nor have I got rid of my dodgy Florida 2013 sock tan lines, but these shorts make me feel pretty fantastic.

H&M // Everyday T-Shirt


You would not believe how annoying it is when you can’t find the direct t-shirt link, but in case you want to see it on the website, it’s here on the striped cotton shorts. During my days off work, if I have no plans to go out, then I tend to stick a pair of joggers on and then I struggle to decide on what top to pair it with. So when I was in H&M, I knew that this would be the ideal t-shirt for days when I just want to be comfortable and let’s be honest, that’s about 300 days out of the year. Ha!

New Look // Pale Blue Cold Shoulder Swing Top


These tops are my new obsession and I’m pretty sure I own three of them now – white, soft pink and this beautiful pale blue. They’re the kind of top which you can just pair with absolutely anything – jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts or if you’re a YouTuber, your PJ bottoms while you film. Ha! I tend to pair mine with leggings, denim jacket and these extremely comfy shoes (also from New Look). I’m on the look out for the grey one next.. Ha!

New Look // Pale Blue V Neck Swing Vest

haul5 haul6

When I saw this in New Look, I asked myself, “do you really need another pale blue top to add to your collection?” Well, yes I do. I tried it on and it was the perfect fit. It’s a really loose top so it’s perfect to wear if you’re out with friends/family and you’re going to eat a lot but you still want to look great whilst hiding your food baby. Yup, that is how I think whilst I shop for clothes. I’m not sure what I would pair this with because it’s quite a classy looking top and to pair it with leggings, it might bring the whole look down a notch.

Primark // Grey Top

haul7 haul8

The one thing I dislike about Primark is that you can never find your clothes on the website but I guess the good thing about it is that you know you’ll see it in the shop whenever you next go in. The best thing about Primark is that you can go in, buy ten tops and you’ve only spent £20 – bargain central. I personally love grey tops with a hint of white on the shoulders for some sort of decoration/sparkle; casually sound like a Christmas tree. This is ideal for either day or night – pairing with denim shorts, or with a long black skirt if you’re on holiday.

Primark // Blue Tie Top

haul9 haul11 haul10

I would never in a million years thought I would wear a top like this – shoulders out, arms out so (hopefully) goodbye to feeling self conscious.  Would I wear this out and about in the UK? Probably not, but in the comfort of my own home, I might. This is most definitely a holiday top and quite frankly, I’m a little bit in love with it.

Primark // California Long T-Shirt


BIG LONG COMFY TOPS. Yes please. I flipping adore tops like this and yes, I think I bought it mainly because it has my year of birth on it – ha! No judging, please and thank you. As you can probably tell by now, I’m loving all things blue recently. I feel like this is perfect for every day wear or thrown over a bikini on your holiday.

Primark // Orange Workout Top


I am loving workout gear recently – absolutely loving it. Whether it’s from Primark, H&M or New Look – I’m completely obsessed with finding new tops and sports bras. However, I am yet to find a pair of leggings which I really, really like so if you have any suggestions, please do let me know. The brightness of the top is perfect for the darker months when you need that boost of colour in your workout wardrobe.

H&M // Sports Bra

haul14 haul15

A while ago, I bought a sports bra from New Look but once you put it in the wash, it’s flipping difficult to get the supportive boob pads back in the right place, then they go all weird and then it looks like you have odd boobs. Nobody wants that, do they? So I opted for a new one, without the pads and oh my, it is so comfortable and supportive because quite frankly, that’s what you need. H&M do really great quality workout clothes in case you’re looking for some (as well as New Look and Primark).

New Look // Crepe Waterfall Blazer

haul16 haul17 haul18

In advance, I apologise that on the website my colour (for some odd reason) isn’t in stock. I wasn’t particularly on the look out for a new jacket because I’m really happy with my Dorothy Perkins light weight one which I actually bought for The Script tour about three years ago. I have literally fallen head over heels in love with this blazer. It’s extremely practical for £25 as you can wear it casually just going to brunch/shopping or with a dress for a Summer wedding or even for work. Definitely a wardrobe must have.

H&M // Daisy Pumps

haul19 haul20

Once again, the link isn’t to the exact pair of shoes as H&M don’t seem to stock these cute daisy shoes online but I have linked a plain pair for the same price. I have wanted these shoes for so long from Next, yup you read that right and each time I went into store, there were no size 5’s available. But thankfully, H&M have a very similar pair so I opted for these instead of waiting for a four week delivery. I can not wait to wear these all day, everyday.

Have you bought any clothes recently? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx