Lovely Things // Week 28

Evening all,

I realise that my Sunday post usually goes live around 9am but honestly, I’ve not had the energy or time to sit down and discuss my week with you all. I’ve been doing the night shifts at work; dinners and proms mainly and I’ve been given a little bit more responsibility which I really am enjoying. Aside from work, I’ve only managed to actually go out this weekend and well, it’s been fun.

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New Beginnings

Yesterday, the Mr and I headed to the Trafford Centre for a spot of afternoon fun. We basically spent all day on the dodgems. I haven’t laughed like that in SO long and it was utter glorious. I also had my very first Wagamama and it was delicious! You can’t go to the TC without picking up some Millie’s Cookies so naturally, we got some for the car journey home.

This morning/afternoon, we headed to Formby beach where I’ve never been before. There is nothing nicer than a really long walk on a Sunday morning before a pub lunch. We also popped over to Sefton Park in Liverpool but I’ll save my only picture for Instagram, because you know, priorities and all that.

Pretty Little Liars – S7 Episode 3 “The Talented Mr Rollins.”

I don’t even know how to begin this. Wow. I honestly felt a little bit sick after watching this week’s episode and if you’ve seen it, you will know why. I’m not one to discuss spoilers but seeing asΒ they’re flying all over the Internet, I’ll just say: I am very happy that a certain character died, but wow, what a game changer. I feel like I need to watch it again just to fully absorb what went on. It’s certainly going to be interesting in terms of Mary Drake now. I want to keep this week’s thoughts quite brief because it was a big episode and I’m certain more is to come…

What has the highlight of your week been?

EL xx