MakeUp Revolution 3 In 1 Face Palette

Happy Friday!

At the moment, I’m really enjoying writing beauty related blog posts. Having a nosy in Superdrug and Boots at all the different counters is how I spend most of my shopping trips, I won’t lie. Seeing as my blusher collection is getting a little bit out of hand, I’ve found myself moving onto highlighters and when I spotted this 3 in 1 combo in the midst of the MakeUp Revolution counter, I just couldn’t say no.

*Disclaimer: MakeUp Revolution have not sponsored me for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.

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This gorgeous face trio is absolute perfection. The only bronzer I’ve ever used is the bronzing pearls by Natural Collection but they weren’t as long lasting on my face as I had hoped for, whereas the bronze in this palette lasts for a full day. The only aspect of it is that it is too dark for my face and it’s a little annoying that the trio only comes in one shade but I’ve made the most of it. The highlight is beautiful and gives off such a lovely glow to your cheeks. I’m yet to use the highlight on it’s own so in terms of how long it lasts for, I’m not wanting to give a definite answer as it’s pitch black when I tend to wipe my face off. The shimmer in this trio is the only new product which I’ve never used before; I never followed the shimmer trend but if I’m honest, it’s the one in the palette which swayed me to purchase it that little bit more because I really wanted to try it. Right now, I’m just swirling my blush brush around and applying the shimmer to the very tops of my cheek bones. Can I see a difference? Not particularly but maybe that’s because the highlight is taking centre stage.

This trio is a firm part of my everyday makeup routine now and I would be lost without it. For £4 from Superdrug, you really cannot go wrong. It gives my face that glowing finish which I need to last a full day.

Have you bought any MakeUp Revolution products recently? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx