Lovely Things // Week 30

Morning all,

What a week it has been! There is quite a bit to get through so I’m just going to crack on…


The UK Heatwave

If you live somewhere other than the UK, 31 degrees is probably cold to you but for us, it means it is scorching. I was sat with the other half in his back garden earlier this week and it was crazy hot. There is a very big difference between the UK heat and heat when you’re abroad – I can handle the latter. We have had a little bit of rain here and there to cool us down (not a lot), but enough.


On Thursday evening, the other half and I booked a court for an hour and decided to play a game of badminton. The only dilemma: we’re both competitive and there was no air con in the sports arena. It is safe to say that I resembled a beetroot after that hour so I most definitely need to up my fitness and attempt to eat less rubbish. Let’s ignore the fact that we went to McDonald’s afterwards…



Yesterday, we went to the Liverpool Music Festival held in Sefton Park and watched a few indie bands before Wretch 32, Ms Dynamite and Sigma took to the stage. It was a jam-packed day, full of families from all walks of life coming together to hear new bands and some 90’s throwback songs. Sefton Park is absolutely beautiful so there will be a photo heavy based post coming tomorrow morning…

Pretty Little Liars – S7 Episode 4 “Hit and Run, Run, Run.”

After the death of Doctor Rollins aka. Alison’s husband, the girls panic and discover that they only have one option – to bury his body randomly in the middle of a forest. Standard PLL move. This episode seemed to be particularly focused on Hanna’s emotions which I really liked seeing as she was the driver, therefore the #1 reason he’s deep in the ground. The relationships that the girls have with their other halves seemed to be completely thrown up in the air and damaged a little on the way down. There was quite the emotional scene between Caleb, Spencer and Hanna which was, by far, my favourite part of the episode. What else happened? Oh yes, Jenna is back. Is she still blind? Not a lot of fans believe her and neither do I. What I will say about her is that if she turns about to be this Uber A / A.D. then I will be extremely annoyed. I want a complete shock when this new baddie is revealed.

Pretty Little Liars – S7 Episode 5 “Along Comes Mary.”

Remember how I said I liked Mary Drake? Well, she creeps me out quite a lot now. She is definitely a strange character and despite viewers not knowing a lot about her past, I honestly don’t think she hasΒ anything to do with this new baddie – I really don’t. She clearly came back to seek some sort of revenge, but I just don’t think she’s part of the A Team. Maybe I’m wrong… This week’s episode had viewers going into crazy guess mode with the hashtag PLL Proposal and here is a little bit of advice: if you haven’t watched the new episode, do not go on Twitter or Instagram, because there is always one idiot who posts a spoiler despite the show being aired. ARGHHH! I am very glad that a certain male character proposed to a certain female character because they are, by far, my favourite couple on the show. You’ve probably already guessed it.. The cliff hanger was a little too much and it was obvious that viewers were going to be left hanging but I sobbed. I sobbed like a baby. It was utterly beautiful and it makes you believe in love that little bit more. An old character returned once more: Noel Khan. He is HOT but I don’t think he’s bad news as he did help Alison stay hidden before she came home, remember?

What has been the highlight of your week? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx

P.S My blog has had a makeover, what do you think?