Lovely Things // Week 31

Morning all,

Sunday is slowly becoming my favourite day of the week. You can wake up at any time and it’s perfectly okay to stay in bed for hours on end, simply because it’s the ideal day to be lazy. I’m currently still in my PJ’s, writing this blog post and drinking my first brew of the day. Bliss..

Amazon Fire Stick

Technically, this should have been included in last week’s post, but I wanted to wait a week but I can officially say – it is amazing! Forget about Netflix & Chill, it’s all about Amazon Fire Stick & Chill. I’ve been watching Orange Is The New Black on it and my parents are about to start watching Game Of Thrones. It’ll be interesting to see how we manage to get the sport on when the season kicks start again.


Date Night

On Tuesday evening, the Mr and I had a little date night at a local cosy pub before having a stroll along the beach. I keep forgetting to take pictures when we go out because the food is SO good – don’t even get me started on the cheesy garlic bread because it is delicious. I think it’s going to be our spot so no doubt, we’ll go back.

The Secret Life Of Pets

On Friday morning, I took my 3 year old nephew to the cinema for the first time. With children, you always expect the worst – they’ll fidget, they’ll be noisy, people will complain… But he was an absolute gem and probably the only child who sat still throughout the film. I personally loved it and it’s been on my to-watch list since the trailer was released. It’s not a film that you can particularly spoil so don’t worry, but what I will say is that the animation is unbelievable. The opening scene of New York and Central Park is beautiful – that is how you do animation! The pets are cute, funny in some areas and of course, there was a happy ending. There were only two voices that I recognised though so it’s not a big star filled cast – Kevin Hart (love him) voices the bunny and the eagle is voiced by the guy who plays Nemo’s Dad. All in all, a great film to take a little one to see.

Treating Yourself

I’m a big believer in treating yourself. This week, I finally picked up the Flawless palette by MakeUp Revolution as my Monday was pretty crap, I’m not going to lie. All my other palettes were over a year old which is a sign that you ought to say goodbye to them and honestly, this is the only one that I need as it’s got both matte and glitter shades. There will of course, be a review coming soon. I also bought a dress from New Look which is due to arrive tomorrow, I paid Β£5 on extra delivery as I’m attending the races on Saturday so I ideally needed it tomorrow before I’m in work so fingers crossed that it fits and makes me look a-ok. If so, perhaps an outfit post?

Before I go, did you see my latest travel post? I’ve changed the pages on my blog so you’ve got more options to click on. Let me know what you think.

How was your week? Any upcoming plans?

EL xx