Lovely Things // Week 32

Hello Sunday,

This week has been a mix of emotions. As a whole, the week has been lovely – mixed with seeing family, friends, the boyfriend and work. We then also received some horrible news which just seems to outweigh the good. But, here is my week for you anyway..


Brunch In Liverpool

On Tuesday, I met up with one of my best friends who I know from work and we had a girls day in Liverpool where we ate ALL the pancakes. Moose Coffee on Dale Street is absolutely amazing and great value for money. It’s safe to say that we needed to be rolled out of there. While I was there, I took a few photographs of St. George’s Hall for a blog post – if you’re in the area, pop in and soak up the history. I also popped into 92 Degrees over on Bold Street; I’ve seen them on Twitter and a lot of people love their retro vibe (me included) and it’s a great place to go for a relaxing brew in between shops.

Finding Dory

On Thursday evening after work, the Mr and I went to see Finding Dory and oh my life, it was amazing. The animation was superb, Baby Dory was just the cutest thing, “I like sand.” You know that with Disney, it’s going to be a happy ending so I won’t spoil anything but it is well worth going to see. Also, why are cinema prices so stupidly high?

Pretty Little Liars – S7 Episode 6 “Wanted: Dead Or Alive.”

The previous episode left us all on a cliff hanger – will Aria say yes to marrying Ezra? Throughout the episode, she dodged his phone calls, wouldn’t look him in the eye and within the opening scene, viewers couldn’t see a ring on her finger. Well.. HERE COME THE TEARS. She finally said yes! (It probably doesn’t help that Marlene tweeted a link about the special ring…) With Jenna back in town, the girls automatically believe that she is somehow involved in the A.D Team, but I don’t think she is. I think she’s also being threatened and perhaps Sara Harvey (awful actress!) knows more than she is letting on. Constantly trying to protect Emily but from who? We had our first Charlotte flashback including Jenna and Doctor Rollins. As hard as it may be to believe, Jenna and Charlotte were friends. She was trying to track down Charlotte’s birth mother – so she knew all along that she wasn’t Alison’s sister yet she did all that to the Liars? SO MANY QUESTIONS! The final ten minutes within Alison’s house and Sara’s hotel room was intense – who is the dodgy police officer and who did Sara open the door to? There is one less person alive in Rosewood this week and a lot more unanswered questions… *cough* who killed Mrs D? *cough*


NYX First Product

In Liverpool, we have a HUGE Boots and one of the new counters happens to be NYX. However, it is always flooded with school girls no matter what time of day you go. On Tuesday, I popped in and the counter was bare. No joke. I was very lucky to pick up this beauty of a lip product (more coming this week) but they seriously need to restock.
Saturday Funday

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx