Wake Up With Clean & Clear

Morning all,

Despite having a full skin care routine (both day and night), my skin doesn’t always look it’s best first thing in the morning and that is where Clean & Clear come in. They are a brand who I have been obsessed with for about two years now – their cleansing lotion is a product I use on a daily basis and it has helped my skin more than you could possibly know. When I was in Australia, my skin was awful and it’s only until last week that I found a skin brightener which I truly loved.


Seriously, this is what a garden in heaven must smell of. Who knew lemon and papaya went so well together? Can I possibly get a candle in this scent, please? That would be flippin’ amazing.

When I started using the daily scrub, my forehead had exploded with spots because, well, chocolate… But by using this for a week, the spots have gone and all that is left is those awkward little bumps that tell you they’ve almost evacuated your face, you know what I mean?

I cannot recommend the Clean and Clear products enough (this isn’t a sponsored post by the way), but next time you’re either in the supermarket, Superdrug or Boots – have a nosy at what products are on the shelves and if you see this, pick it up and give it a go.

Have you tried any Clean and Clear products? Let me know…

EL xx