Getting Zesty With Tesco

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m addicted to candles…

I’m not sure when my love for candles really kicked in; probably four years ago when I opened up my open little space on the Internet and since then, my love for them has grown. You can’t go wrong with a good Yankee Candle, but you know where you should also start looking? SUPERMARKETS! Last week, my Mum and I popped into Tesco and we somehow managed to pick up the exact same candle. I mean, really?


Next time you’re in Tesco, hunt this candle down and have a good old sniff. I currently have this burning on my bedside table next to me as I’m writing this post and my entire bedroom smells delicious. When it comes to candles, I prefer the ones which smell of fruit with a hint of spice and this is THE ONE. It’s a three wick candle which usually costs £6 but I managed to pick it up for £4.20 and my Mum picked up the one wick which is perfect for the living room as even the little one fills the entire room.

I can’t wait for Autumn when it’s perfectly okay to have a thousand candles burning in your room along with fairy lights and a giant cup of tea. YES.

Have you picked up any candles recently? Let me know in the comments below (give me all the info, please…)

EL xx