Lovely Things // Week 34

Morning all,

Is it just me or is 2016 flying by? This week has seen the start of the Premier League, three doctor appointments, a surprise, a disappointing episode and many blue skies…


Sunday Funday

After last week’s Lovely Things went live, I had a proper family day at home. The other half came round and we watched both the Man United and the Liverpool matches through the Amazon Fire Stick and it was glorious. It’s going to be very awkward when the two teams play one another so fingers crossed we don’t break up. Ha! My Mum very kindly whipped up a breakfast butty which was absolutely delicious and the roast we had at tea time was rather scrumptious as well.

PicMonkey Collage

I Now Live At The Doctors…

You may know from last week’s post that I’ve had a few health issues recently – mainly to do with my back. On Monday, the pain was that bad that I began to be violently sick so my Mum kindly came home from work to take me to the doctors as I was shaking from being so cold. I’ve had a lot of blood tests taken and the results aren’t brilliant. My health is at risk because of something crazy going on with my body so a diet change is in order…

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My family and close friends know that I can’t stand surprises due to my anxiety. It makes me feel very uncomfortable and unorganised, but I’m slowly learning to deal with the fact that a few may pop up in my life. On Tuesday evening, the Mr surprised me at home with a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers, two chocolate fudge cupcakes and a delicious pot of fruit for breakfast the following day. I CRIED. I think I said thank you about a million times. It was completely unexpected and cheered me up a lot. He’s the best.


Early Mornings

Despite being poorly and off work this week, I’ve still been waking up early. I’ve found that 7:30am is the best time to catch the beauty of the farmer’s field where my bedroom window looks out onto. I’ve said it before on my blog, but it is by far my favourite view.


Georgina + Hope

On Thursday, I met my friend from work and had a girls day in Liverpool. We had a delicious brunch in East Avenue Bakehouse (more to come on that this week), before a stroll around the Albert Docks where I met two beautiful barn owls. I held Hope and she was absolutely gorgeous. You may know from my blog name, but I do adore the beautiful creatures…


Date Night

On Thursday, the Mr and I hopped into the car and went to Southport for a lovely little date night. We’re not ones for sitting in fancy restaurants every time we go out so after a stroll around the stunning lake (and capturing about 50 pictures of the sunset), we opted to sit near the beach with a McDonalds. Oh happy days.


Adult Life

The Mr and I bought a king size double bed yesterday so we celebrated with a cheeky Wagamama’s in the Trafford Centre. Yesterday was such an errand based day but I had such a lovely time. It’s the small things in life, isn’t it?


Pretty Little Liars – Season 7 Episode 8 “Exes and OMGs.”

The episode begins with the girls and Caleb walking through the streets of Rosewood but shortly enough Caleb is run over by no other than Noël.. Oh I do love a good dream. Very well done from the writers there as viewers get to see Hanna really worry about him – are those old feelings coming back by any chance? Aria finally tells Ezra about the phone call about Nicole and he isn’t exactly thrilled, but when she buys him a plane ticket to go out to the forest to help with the search, it broke my heart a little bit. It’s when Mrs Grunwald visits Hanna that the episode really interested me and I won’t lie, she creeps me out a little bit. Why does she look like she’s wearing the mask from The Mask? She claims that Noël is the reason that the girls are in danger and when she touches Hanna, she shares her vision of the night when Hanna was attacked. An incredible touch to the episode, that’s for sure. Ashley Benson is absolutely killing it with the scenes recently. When Spencer and Aria visit the doctor who delivered the other Drake child, he can’t remember if it was a boy or a girl. Just their luck. “You always return to family in the end.” Remember how Spencer’s Dad and Mrs D had a child together aka. Jason? Well, what if he also had a child with Mary Drake? Alison goes hunting in the principle’s office for a file of the year that they graduated and I’ll give you one guess as to whose she was after and to no surprise, there was an A message in her waiting. Hanna goes outside to make a mysterious phone call but who is on the other end and is she really going to New York? THAT HALEB HUG AND NEARLY KISS THOUGH!!! I’ve seen a few people tweeting about Alison possibly being pregnant but surely her throwing up in the toilet would have been shock from what the students did to her? Not going to lie – I’m disappointed in this week’s episode but the promo for next week looks AMAZING and I can not flipping wait.
What have you been up too this week? Let me know in the comments.
EL xx