Lovely Things // Week 35

Good morning you lovely bunch,

I’m currently in work whilst you read this and casually thanking those geniuses who invented the art of scheduling, because as a blogger – where on earth would we be without it? August is almost over and we’re already half way through the three-day weekend (it’s Bank Holiday here in the UK). Honestly, I can’t wait for Autumn and Christmas.


Date Night

I truly have the best boyfriend. Roll your eyes as much as you like but on Tuesday evening, he had plans. He cancelled those plans to take me out to dinner because I was in an utterly crap mood and nothing was cheering me up. So we went out, had a cheeky Nandos and a stroll on the beach. It’s not the fact that he cancelled his gym time for me, it’s the fact that he wanted to take me out. It’s the little things. Of course, he can’t take me out without me whipping my camera out every 3 seconds to take pictures of the gorgeous sunset. This was at Crosby beach where the man just stand staring out to sea (they’re not real by the way), but despite it being really warm that day, it was quite chilling so we soon got back in the car.

On your marks, get set, BAKE!

The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens on Wednesday evening and I am so flipping excited for this series. Right now, I’ve been put on a “no fat” diet from my doctor due to having a medical condition – more on that in tomorrow’s post in case you want to be a nosy (or you’re actually concerned), so watching cake on TV probably isn’t the best but I’m just excited. I’m certainly not looking forward to hearing the word ‘moist’ about a million times throughout each episode. If you don’t already, follow them on Twitter because whoever runs the account is hilarious.


Making A Change

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen this picture and as I’ve said above, I’ll go into more detail in tomorrow’s post but things have changed in my life. I’ve had some not so great news about my body and my eating habits need to change before I head into hospital. All will be okay and I’ve actually enjoyed meal planning this week – it’s been rather fun!


Pretty Little Liars – Season 7 Episode 9 “The Wrath Of Kahn”

With Hanna off the radar doing her own A catching, the girls try and get more solid evidence about who the other Drake child is and what Noël Kahn is up too. Aria teams up with Jason (of all people) to track down those adoption papers and I really, really didn’t like the connection between them. Yet when he helps her understand that Ezra is the one for her, you can’t help but like Jason. When they get hold of the adoption papers, Aria is quick to assume that the adoptive child is Noël. My money is on Spencer – all you’ve got to do is read the theories online and it makes a lot of sense…
Emily decides to tell Paige that the A game is happening again. I can’t help but think that Paige has something to do with this A game. The phone call with Emily reminded me a lot of when Mona told Hanna that she was receiving A texts as well. Something is a bit fishy.
Spencer + Emily decide to dig around in Noël Kahn’s home, only to discover a pen drive containing video footage of the four girls in the Doll House. Noël was helping Charlotte torture the girls!!! He made Spencer believe that she’d hurt someone. Hanna’s side of the episode was incredible; her determination was strong and her game with Noël was brilliant but would he truly help her? When Spencer sat down in her parents living room to watch more of the disturbing Doll House files, the flashbacks which were included were remarkable and quite sickening. Of course, the flash drive disappears when someone breaks into her house – how PLL of them. Hanna hitting Noël over the head right at the end – loved it. Another strong episode, I’m so ready for the mid-season finale.
What have you been up too this week? Let me know in the comments.
EL xx