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What I Eat In A Week // The Healthy Edition

Welcome to a rather long, food based post…

You may have seen in two of my recent Sunday posts that I’ve been spending quite a few days at the doctors and the hospital. About three weeks ago in the early hours on Tuesday, I woke up with a blinding pain in the right hand side of my back and it was agony.

At first, the doctor thought I had a kidney infection so we did some bloods and waiting for those to come back. The following Monday, I spent all day being violently sick so the doctor asked for more bloods to be taken. We waited for those and then last Friday, we had more a sit down chat. Turns out, I’ve got gallstones and let me tell you: they are huge. I had a scan on the same day at the hospital and the doctor confirmed that it’s 100% gallstones and they’re the reason I’ve been in absolute agony.

I had another doctor’s appointment on Wednesday to discuss an operation which will happening soon and I was told that these stones are the reason why my weight has plummeted for no reason. I wasn’t eating like an obese person, I was working out every few days – but for some reason, I couldn’t think of why the weight wouldn’t budge.

With that being said, I’ve had to change my diet until I’m given the all clear to enjoy my food again. I’m embracing the changes and looking forward to being a size 8 again (I’m currently on a 10 on top and 12 on bottom). I’ve been using Lean In 15 by Joe Wicks and planning my meals has been really enjoyable so I thought I would share what I ate last week with you…



Breakfast: Spinach omelette (2 eggs) and a cup of tea.
I don’t think I’ll be putting this picture on Instagram anytime soon…


Lunch: Chicken sandwiches with lettuce, cucumber and light mayo.


Afternoon Snack: Light Greek yoghurt with strawberries + blackberries.


Tea: Brown pasta with tuna, light mayo, lettuce and cucumber.



Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with banana, strawberries, blackberries + grapes.


Lunch: Left over tuna pasta with fresh cucumber, lettuce and light mayo.


Afternoon Snack: Cashew nuts and small pieces of dark chocolate.


Tea: Lemon + herb chicken in a pitta with coleslaw (Nando’s).



Breakfast: Weetabix Protein Crunch with semi-skimmed milk


Lunch: Chicken and vegetable soup with crusty tiger bread


Snack: 4 Nakd Chocolate Orange Bites


Tea: #Leanin15 Turkey meatballs with brown spaghetti + a tomato sauce



Breakfast: Apple + Blackberry porridge with blackcurrants.


Lunch: Turkey sandwich with cucumber and lettuce.


Snack: Nakd Chocolate Bar


Tea: White rice with lemon sole



Breakfast: Weetabix Protein cereal (yes, again)


Lunch: Italian subway with turkey, cucumber and lettuce

And… That is it. There was no tea or snack on Friday as I ate my lunch pretty late so there was no need for anything else. I really enjoyed recording what I ate last week as it allowed me to keep track of what I’m having as I’ve got to be rather careful in the next few months.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

EL xx