Lovely Things // Week 36

Morning you lovely lot,

This week has flown by and we are officially heading towards Autumn. I’ve had yet another lovely week doing bits + bobs whilst I’ve had a few days off work so of course, I’m sharing…


Bank Holiday Monday

If you read last week’s Lovely Things post, you will know that my three-day-weekend quickly turned into just one day. I was in work Saturday and Sunday which I didn’t mind because on Monday, the weather was absolutely glorious so the Mr and I headed to Cheshire Oaks nice and early (my genius idea of beating the traffic and getting a parking space). We had breakfast at Café Rouge which was delicious but due to my health restriction, I was only allowed one and a half pancakes rather than the full three – is everyone’s boyfriend an eating machine? I picked up an absolute bargain in Gap – a pair of black jeans and two long striped tops for £40. You just can’t beat it. Hopefully there will be a fashion post coming later this week…

First Meetings

After the Mr and I got back from Cheshire Oaks, he met my oldest nephew who is three years old and I think it’s safe to say that I was more nervous than anyone. It went down really well (with a chocolate bribe) and hopefully when he meets my youngest nephew, it go smoothly as well.


Testing A New Product

Okay, so it’s not the newest product on the shelf but it’s new to my skincare routine. I popped into Boots and picked up this mini version of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water when I spent £5 or more on skincare. I know a lot of beauty bloggers have raved about it so I was keen to see what it was like… But you’re just going to have to wait until my review this week. #sorrynotsorry

A Birthday Surprise

Despite my birthday only being on Boxing Day, I already know what the Mr has bought me: he’s whisking me away to London for two days and a night. I cannot wait. Recommendations – throw them at me.


Pretty Little Liars – Season 7 Episode 10 “The DArkest Knight”

In the world of PLL, a lot happened: it was officially announced that the show would be ending after S7, fans were told that the next episode would be in April and this week’s episode left viewers speechless…

The Summer finale opens with Spencer, Mona, Aria, Emily, Alison and Caleb deciding that their only option is to ring the police and tell them that Hanna has been abducted. Little do they know, she’s too busy torturing Noël but soon enough, she gets test results to prove that he isn’t Mary’s other child.
A lot happened in this week’s episode in terms of relationships… When Emily stays over at Alison’s, she blurts out the news that she is in fact pregnant. Has Archer/Doctor Rollins planted Emily’s eggs in Alison? When did they have time to have sex – he tortured her! My theory is that Doctor Rollins planted Emily’s eggs in Ali so if she does in fact have the baby, it would be an Emison child. Kind of sweet in a twisted way. Hanna and Caleb… Well, you can’t help but love them as a pair. When he lists funny and slightly negative things about her, they finally admit to one another that they ought to be together forever. It’s not PLL without a saucy Haleb sex scene is it? When Spencer asks Toby if she can kiss him, it’s like a scene out of The Notebook – if he had no feelings for her, he would have said no, right? It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Aria, especially when she turns on the news to see Ezra reuniting with Nicole. He kisses her. He kisses his ex girlfriend while his fiancé watches on the TV.
The big fight of the night kicks off the girls being led to a big creepy house which used to a school for the blind, where the pen drive and camera are supposedly going to be swapped but life is never that straightforward in Rosewood. I just need to say this: WHO GIVES A BLIND GIRL A GUN? The ending of the episode was extremely intense: Noel’s head was chopped off by Hanna, Spencer was shot by Jenna, Jenna was pushed to the ground by Mary, Mary told a “dying” Spencer that she’s her Mother and A.D kidnapped Jenna. Am I surprised that she has no idea who Uber A is? No. I’ve said it from day one: she has nothing to do with the A team.
It was an incredible ending to the first half of S7 but I am very annoyed that we have to wait until April for the final 10 episodes.
What have you been up too this week? Let me know in the comments.
EL xx