Lovely Things // Week 37

Morning all,

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you to those who have tweeted me recently telling me how much they’re enjoying my Sunday weekly round up posts. After I came back from my travels, they didn’t seem fun to write and I was struggling to get the post just right, but with a lot of patience and encouragement, I’m really enjoying writing them.

So, this week…


Celebrating In Chester

If you saw Friday’s post about the Mr and I spending 22 hours in Chester, you’ll know that we were celebrating his promotion. It was really lovely to stay overnight somewhere else and have everything on our door step. I’m looking forward to visiting their Christmas markets.

Sleeping In A Marshmallow

A while ago, I ordered a brand new king sized bed for my room at home and this week it arrived and I’ve had four heavenly night’s sleep in it so far. It is literally like sleeping in a marshmallow. The Mr isn’t great at sharing a duvet or bed space so this is perfect for us!Β In case you’re wondering, I got it from Bensons For Beds.


Millie’s Cookies + GBBO

A while ago, my Mum picked up some frozen Millie’s Cookies from Iceland and seeing as it’s Bake Off on a Wednesday, it would be rude not to have some sort of tasty treat, right? These cookies literally taste like we’ve gone to the shop and picked some up. They’re incredible and for 6 in a box, they’re Β£3 whereas in the shop, I believe they’re Β£4.99 – bargain!

What has been your highlight of the week? Let me know.

EL xx