The Sunday Night Face Mask

Morning all,

I realise that the title of this post and the date in which I’m posting it on are completely different, but hey ho – that’s the life of a scheduling blogger. On Sunday, I picked up aΒ NSPA face mask from ASDA for the simple reason that my skin HATES me right now and I can’t remember the last time I had a face mask which actually does the job..

nspa nspa1 nspa2 nspa3 nspa4 nspa5 nspa6

After I cleanse my skin with my trusty Clean & Clear Sensitive Cleaning Lotion, I apply a thin layer of the five minute magic mask around my T-zone, my cheeks, my nose and my chin. With avocado and apricot oils, this smells pretty nice for a face mask and from ASDA, it’s Β£6.

I’m really impressed with this face mask and I’m looking forward to using it every Sunday evening before bed. I woke up on Monday morning with my skin feeling super soft whereas it usually feels a little bit dry after a good eight-ten hours sleep. For me, a paraben-free product is always a winner because as much as I enjoy looking after my skin, it’s also good to know that there are no nasty toxins in the products itself.

I’ve only used one other NSPA product and that was their bath/shower gel which I really liked so it’s nice to be able to return to a brand that my skin is a fan of (and we all know my skin is rather sensitive).

Which face mask do you reach for? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx