Lovely Things // Week 38

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a slow one this week – nothing majorly exciting going on but with Christmas in less than 100 days and Autumn officially starting on Thursday, I can’t wait to bring out the cosy jumpers and go for long, chilly walks..

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New Brighton

In the North West, we have both Formby, Crosby, Southport and Blackpool beach on our door steps but if you fancy a little bit of an extra drive, going through the Mersey Tunnel to New Brighton for the day is a must. The Mr and I had a really lovely Sunday last week as we went out for lunch, had a walk in the windy, fresh air and ate our body weight in ice cream.

We had lunch at a wonderful place called Marino Lounge where I had the twisted chicken club ciabatta which was jam packed with guacamole and the most amazing mayonnaise I think I’ve ever had – it must have been mixed with something as it was a peachy shade. The Mr had the Hero burger which he wouldn’t stop raving about so if you’re around, take a visit.

After our walk towards the lighthouse where I grabbed a few cheeky Instagram shots (I never switch off from blogger mode, I swear), we went to an ice cream parlour called Caffe CreamΒ which was seriously busy – word must have got around about their ice creams because it seemed everyone wanted one. I opted for a chocolate cone with one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of vanilla fudge – HELLO TO ALL THE CALORIES.


A New Beauty Purchase

You will have seen this blog post by now but just in case you haven’t, I picked up a new face mask because my skin hates me. Long story short – it’s amazing and leaves my face feeling silky and smooth after a night’s sleep. It’s definitely a new favourite of mine.


The Season Of Baths

At home, all we have is a walk in shower and as much as I enjoy the quickness of them, sometimes a long, relaxing bath is in order. On Friday morning, the Mr was working from home so I hopped in the bath and poured 99% of my FCUK body wash into the tub and oh my, it smelt incredible. I read my Kindle for a little while and did some blog admin – it was bloomin’ lovely.

What was your highlight of the week? Let me know in the comments.

EL xx