Review of A Year And A Day by Isabelle Broom

Published: 17th November 2016
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 400


For Megan, visiting Prague with her friend Ollie is just business. Nothing more. Because if she admits the truth she might lose everything. For Hope, this trip is a surprise treat from Charlie, her new partner. But she’s struggling to enjoy the city when she knows how angry her daughter is. And that it’s all her fault. For Sophie, Prague has always been magical. And now she’s counting down the moments until her boyfriend Robin joins her in the city that holds so many of their memories…


Thank you to Penguin for kindly sending me a review copy.

Before the opening chapter, a woman is standing on top of a bridge staring out into the water below. The snow hasn’t affected her decision but is she certain that jumping is her only option or can the man who shouts to her, be the one to save her?

“This trip clearly was going to be weird, she realised. But then again there was nothing Megan Spencer loved more than a challenge.”

Megan and Ollie are best friends who are heading to Prague for a week whilst trying to pretend that their drunken kiss meant absolutely nothing between them. Who are they kidding? From the opening chapter their chemistry was oozing across the pages. Hope and Charlie are living together in a small flat in Manchester, tucked away from her daughter who believes her Mum has ruined her life but it’s only until Charlie surprises Hope with tickets to Prague that her smile returns. Although Sophie and Robin have travelled all over the world, the engaged couple always return to Prague each year – the place where their relationship began. Within the first three chapters, readers are given a strong background of each of the couples which I really enjoyed.

“I’m not really into all this Hocus Pocus stuff.”

It went without no surprise that the three women who were all in Prague at the same time met in quite a lovely fashion, all taking a polite interest in one another’s lives. The title revolves around a statue of St. John in the water and belief be told that if people touch the cross and make a wish, it will come true a year and a day later. I really liked this element to the plot as it allowed a little bit of magic and self belief to be included into each of the characters.

“It turned out that she hadn’t needed Prague’s hidden magic to have her wish granted – she had just needed Charlie.” 

Towards the end of the narrative, readers are given a lot more background about a certain relationship and it’s utterly heart breaking, yet the prologue makes a lot more sense. Despite the tragedy, it was lovely to see how five strangers had come together in order to help a new friend through a difficult time and I absolutely love that Isabelle portrayed this message so clearly throughout the book. Before the final chapter, all three relationships have changed and not all for the better as all three women have lost their hearts yet would any of that change? Isabelle’s writing is stunning and with her descriptive use of language, I felt as if I was in Prague visiting all the tourist spots alongside the characters. It was a truly lovely book, perfect to curl up with on a rainy Sunday afternoon when your mind wants to travel.

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