Lovely Things // Week 39

September, where have you gone?

It’s officially Autumn, YES! This week has been a real mixture of being at work and having some quality ‘me’ time..


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival

On Sunday, the Mr and I went to Sefton Park for the day and we really enjoyed ourselves. We met Gino, ate delicious food and brought a lot of brownies home with us. Of course, I blogged about it.

Gallstones Update

A few of you have sent me really lovely tweets + emails wishing me well about having my gallbladder removed so thank you very much! I’m very lucky to have fellow bloggers and readers who care. Just a quick update – I went forΒ a consultation on Monday and before I have the operation, I need to have another scan (more in-depth one) which occurs in October. Hopefully by the end of next month, I’ll have an operation date!


It’s The Little Things

Wednesday was such a long day at work and by the time I clocked out at 6pm, I was ready for my PJs and bake off. The Mr surprised me with a box of my favourite chocolates because I’ve had a few emotional moments this past week or so and I think he just knew that I needed a little pick me up.

Blogger Love

I recently rediscovered Rhianna’s blog. I used to read it all the time last year but then with travelling and work, I felt like I only had time for my own. Her photography is absolutely stunning and her daily vlogs are perfect when you want to sit down with a brew and relax. Plus, she’s a fellow Northern girl. What’s not to love?

How has your week been?

EL xx