Lovely Things // Week 40

Hello October,

Today is my best friend’s 26th birthday and the second day of October – where on earth is this year going? Before we know it, it’ll be time for the Mr and I to pack our bags for our trips to York and London.

This week has been super quiet with work but a few things did happen…


Five Guys

How have I not visited this place before? I’m not really supposed to be eating red meat before my operation BUT, on Sunday the Mr and I spent the day at the Trafford Centre for a bit of down time and a wander around the shops. I’ve seen a few Instagram posts about their burgers but oh my, we were so unprepared for how amazing it was. I ordered a burger with grilled mushrooms, only to be surprised that you don’t just get one burger, you get TWO! And we stupidly ordered a large fries. We couldn’t move. I won’t even mention how amazing the drinks machine is!


Parcel Time

I was supposed to include this in last week’s Lovely Things post but completely forget. LOOK WHAT I WAS SENT. In case you’re unaware, I’m a huge bookworm and a big fan of Nicholas Sparks so it was an absolute delight to receive his new book in the post a few weeks before publication date. I’m one happy blogger right now and I can’t wait to start reading.

Our Girl

If you don’t live in the UK, you may not know about the new TV drama series about a young woman in the army and if you can find a link online, please watch it because it is flipping amazing. Michelle Keegan is incredible.

What was the highlight of your week?

EL xx