Lovely Things // Week 41

I currently live in my bed.

I know this may sound like every blogger’s dream but when you add a large amount of back pain into the fold, it isn’t so wonderful after all.

This week I have been suffering like there is no tomorrow. On Wednesday evening, we drove to Manchester and I wasn’t sure whether I was going to a) pass out b) throw up all over the car or c) die.

Now, you may call me a drama queen but my god, I would not wish that pain on anyone. Not even Professor Umbridge..


Cosy Days

Due to my back pain, I’ve spent a lot of time in bed this week which means having a king size duvet to myself, being able to remain in my Harry Potter PJs all day, lighting multiple candles and switching the fairy lights on the moment it starts to get dark. Autumn, I love you.


Sunday Walks

Last Sunday, the Mr and I went for a little walk around a lake near where we live. This picture may look relaxing and you can probably just imagine the peace and quiet behind the camera, well that would be a big fat lie. Ha! We ended up dodging families who couldn’t control their screaming children and when we did finally break away, we were stuck behind a Mum smoking god knows what. Safe to say, I took a few shots and we hopped back in the car.

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Belle Vue Grand Final

My family and I are quite big fans of Speedway (bike racing) and when our team The Aces reached the final against The Wolves, my Mum treated us all to tickets and our seats were incredible. The Mr came along and he seemed to really enjoy it. There is a very big difference between watching football and speedwayย – the fans aren’t jerks. All the supporters were mixed together and it was a really good atmosphere. Let’s just ignore the fight which broke out near the pit towards the end…


Christmas Shopping

On Friday, I started my Christmas shopping. Yes, you did just read that. I spent 3/4 hours around Liverpool by myself (it was bliss), picking up all the cards and in reality, I came home with one small present but I did, however, order all my nephews presents online so it wasn’t a total failure. There are a few more presents I need to buy but perhaps I’ll save those until November…

Before I go, did you notice how Autumnal my blog is these days? LOVE IT.

How has this week been for you?

EL xx