My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Morning all,

Instagram has firmly become one of my favourite social media platforms. It is the perfect way to show the world where you are within a couple of minutes (because we all edit and write those super long captions with about a million hashtags, don’t we?).


Today, I wanted to show you a handful of accounts which I’ve really been loving over the past couple of weeks – some are favourites from when I first began blogging and some are brand new to me within the last seven days..


HER DOG. Need I say anymore?
I only recently followed Jenny on Instagram and it is a rather beautiful feed. Her pop of red colour is making me excited for Christmas.


I stumbled across Kelly’s account a couple of weeks ago and ever since, I’ve looked forward to her next post. She captures London so beautifully and let’s not even talk about how much I adore her OOTD pictures.


I’m heading to London in December for my birthday, so when it was officially booked, I stalked a couple of accounts to see which places we could visit and My London Fairy Tales has me so excited for my trip. The pictures of the houses are stunning!

How have I only just followed Elle’s account? I stumbled across her YouTube account a while ago (and watched ALL her vlogs), but little did I know that her Instagram was so beautiful. Her Autumnal pictures are too cosy for words!
THIS ACCOUNT IS EVERYTHING. Need I say more? I’m so in love with Rhianna’s account and I’m not ashamed to say it. What I love the most is that she knows how to do an #ad picture perfectly.

I spoke about my love for this gorgeous Northerner on one of my Sunday posts so I thought I would include her Instagram. Will she ever not nail a picture?


I couldn’t not include one of my favourite bloggers who knows exactly how to work fairy lights in pictures. Her OOTD shots are gorgeous!


Soph is by far, one of my favourite bloggers and her Instagram is just utter perfection. From her travel posts to cosy coffee house shots, it’s probably the best of the bunch.


I’ve followed this lovely lady since I started blogging and she’s been my #1 supporter ever since. With her banter and sassy captions, she’s forever making me chuckle.


Another one of my favourite bloggers who is nailing her pictures recently. Jessie is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever speak to online and I’m really enjoying her London snaps recently.

Who is your favourite on Instagram? Let me know.
EL xx




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