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Happy Friday,

For today’s post, the lovely PR team at got2b Schwarzkopf and I have teamed up to show you two of their wonderful products which will help you protect your hair against heat protect and will also give you cute curls all year long.

I haven’t used a Schwarzkopf product in years so when I received two of their products through the post, I was over the moon. As you all know, I adore my Aussie heat protection spray so for me, finding a spray which is as equally as good was kind of a big deal and not only that, I have wanted to find a decent texturizing salt spray for quite some time purely so when I French braid my hair, it’ll hopefully stay in longer.

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Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray

When it comes to heat protection spray, I am very picky which is a little strange because after all, they all (supposedly) do the same job. When the product came through the post, I was about to dry my hair so I immediately tested it out and the first thing I noticed was how much spray comes out of the nozzle. If you section your hair whilst drying, use the heat protection spray as you go because it will cover a lot of your hair.

Sometimes, the scent of the spray isn’t the nicest but with the Guardian Angel (£4.19 in Boots), it left my hair smelling absolutely gorgeous and not only that, but it allowed my hair to blow-dry a lot straighter than usual and with a quick five minute straightening session, my hair was ON FLEEK. This is a winner in my books and I’ll definitely be using it a lot.

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Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray

I have been trying to get hold of a good texturizing salt spray for so long because every now and then, I love having French plaits and once I’ve taken them out, the curls tend to go crazy frizzy like a lion’s mane rather than gorgeous hair that you can wear with a bobble hat.

The texturizing salt spray (£4.19 from Boots) is really good for when you’re about to dry your hair and plait it before bed – y’know casually channelling your inner Wednesday Addams as you do. This worked SO well with plaits and if you scrunch your hair up from the ends, it gives you such wonderful curls that basically look like a little pig’s tail. I’m going to save this product until Summer purely because it would be ideal for holiday.

Which are your favourite hair products? Let me know!

EL xx



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  1. The mermaid product sounds divine! Ill keep my eye out when i’m in store next!

    Would love for you to check out my latest post! xx


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