Lovely Things // Week 45

Sunday, I think I’m in love with you..

I’ve become one of those people who lives for the weekend. No, seriously I have. This one was particularly exciting as we celebrated a birthday but before I tell you about that, here’s this week’s highlights..

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Worden Park

Sunday has become our “let’s go for a walk somewhere pretty” day. We’re slowly making our way through the parks/forest/walking routes in the North West and last week, we stumbled across a place called Worden Park. Neither of us had been there before but oh my god, it was like Autumn had thrown up everywhere. Probably not the best description but you know what I mean..

We came across a cute little café, where we had hot chocolates outside and I basically couldn’t take my eyes off a dog. It wasn’t just ANY dog. It was a sausage dog and well, we all know how much I love them.

I’m sure you’ll hear about today’s walk in next week’s post..

Pumpkin Carving

I realise that Halloween was almost a week ago but I haven’t had chance to tell you guys: I CARVED MY FIRST PUMPKIN. And it turned out shit. Ha! I tried my best to do Harry Potter but I basically ended up with a scar (which wasn’t too shabby) and then an outline of glasses which my Grandad said looked more like a dog bone, but the pumpkin was £1 from Tesco and I’m sure my carving skills will get better next year (probably not, but a girl can dream…)

What I’ve Been Watching

As it’s been Halloween, Hollyoaks (don’t judge, I’ve been watching for 10 years) have had a rather dramatic week which involved both Nico and Joe dying. I was well aware than Joe was leaving the soap as the actor broke his contract but Nico? I didn’t see that coming at all. She was such a brilliant character and definitely a little bit crazy.

On Wednesday evening, the Mr and I had date night (we were mourning the loss of GBBO) which took us to Nando’s and then to the cinema to watch Inferno. I’ve never read any of the Dan Brown books and I haven’t seen any of the previous films, but I certainly will after watching that. I was completely hooked and a little bit confused at some stages, but it was such a brilliant film. Anything which involves puzzle solving, count me in.

Stranger Things. Yup, I’m finally watching it. It took me until the end of episode 3 to be fully hooked but it’s such a good show. I’ve heard multiple people talking about it on Twitter so I finally caved and… When is S2 out?

Birthday Celebrations

On Saturday aka. Bonfire Night, the Mr turned 28 so we spent the weekend having a low-key celebration dinner before heading to The Albert Docks to watch Liverpool’s firework display. For his birthday, I’m taking him to York in two weeks so we can have a wander around the city and enjoy the Christmas markets which I’m unbelievably excited about. Expect lots of Instagram posts and when I’m home, I’ll have a few blog posts for you all. 

How has this week been for you? Let me know.

EL xx