Sneaking Readers Into Plots

We all know that I love books. So when Pan Macmillan got in touch and asked if I would like to have Miranda Dickinson on my blog, I said yes…

Microcameos! How I sneaked my readers into Searching for a Silver Lining


Writing a book is hard work. I love it and can’t imagine doing anything else, but sometimes writing can become incredibly lonely. A few years ago, when I was writing my fifth novel, Take a Look At Me Now, I asked my followers on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to suggest things for the book – just to try to inject some fun into writing the first draft and involve my lovely readers in the process. It was an incredible experience and started something I’ve included in every book I’ve written since.

I love collaborating on the story and I’m particularly blown away by the enthusiasm my readers have for taking part in my #getinvolved challenges. This year, I decided to have even more fun and, in addition to asking for suggestions of places and things to include, I offered my readers the chance to sneak into the story itself!


It was lovely. I was able to do something special for some people who have supported my writing for years and had so much fun dreaming up cameo roles for them. So one lady I’ve chatted to on Twitter for a few years became a care worker in Beauvale Sheltered Housing, where Reenie lives. The irrepressible @MrDerryDude asked very nicely to appear, so he is the bar manager at Kendrick’s. The hotel receptionist at the Alnwick hotel is another lovely lady I chat to and I even sneaked in author friends Cathy Bramley as a stylist and Rachael Lucas as another hotel receptionist in Cambridge!

I will definitely do this again – it livened up the final edit stages of the book and I had so much fun creating tiny roles for people who have done so much to support me and my writing.

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