First Impressions With KIKO

Happy Monday,

I’ve noticed that you all seem to really enjoy beauty posts on a Monday and quite a lot of you have told me so on Twitter, so thank you very much.

KIKO are a brand who I’ve heard a great deal about and lucky for me, two new stores have opened in the North West. Their products are fantastic quality and let’s not even discuss how much of a bargain there are. About three Saturday’s ago, I saw that they had opened in the Trafford Centre and my excitement was a little bit crazy… I think the Mr still has nail marks in his arm from where I grabbed him, ha!

kiko kiko1

I was completely overwhelmed by the store and as it was my first time browsing the KIKO counters, I just couldn’t choose what to purchase. In the end, I settled on a high pigmented eyeshadow and a pencil lip gloss – guess what? I flipping adore them both and I’m definitely going back for more.

High Pigmented Wet + Dry Eyeshadow

kiko2 kiko3 kiko4kiko8

I picked up the shade 37 Pearly Rose Gold and I’m seriously in love with it. I’m a big fan of brown eyeshadow, blended with a little bit of gold in the crease so I’ve taken a bit of a risk with the rose shade, but you know what? It is absolutely beautiful on the lids of any eye colour and it blends like an absolute dream.

It is extremely pigmented so you only need a tiny bit as it covers your eyelid brilliantly and to my surprise, it goes quite well with my MAC eyeshadow. For £3.90 for a singular eyeshadow, it’s not a bad price especially as it highly pigmented and it is paraben free – just what we love to see. Well done KIKO, well done.

Pencil Lip Gloss

kiko5 kiko6 kiko7

I never thought it was possible to love a lip pencil so much. This product is probably one of my favourites I’ve ever bought – a pencil lip gloss which isn’t sticky! I mean, it’s a bloggers dream right? I picked up the shade 10 Dark Rose and I can’t stop wearing it.

For £2.90 (I think I bought it for £1.50 on the day), it applies like you wouldn’t believe and the pencil itself is so smooth. Whether you’re battling the standard chapped Autumn lips, this allows you to stick rock a lip product in true fashion. At the time of purchase, there were only two shades to choose from which was a little disappointing but on the website, there are quite a few so you’d be stuck for choice. I’ll 100% be repurchasing and the shade I picked up is just perfect for both day and night.

Have you got a favourite KIKO product? Let me know.

EL xx